The single most depressing thing I’ve read today

And I agree with every word.

Robert Stacy McCain lays it all out in The American Spectator:

[…] The American people — or, at the very least, a sufficient plurality of them — decided that they want another four years of clumsy policy failures and vengeful “progressivism,” as Democrats nowadays describe their agenda for wrecking what remains of our constitutional republic. Even before the unmitigated political disaster of November 6, 2012, a date that will live in infamy, the prospects of salvaging the United States were not particularly hopeful. Now, however, we are permanently and irretrievably screwed.

Let’s not mince words, eh? It was one thing, obviously, for the electorate to choose Barack Obama in 2008, when Bush-era “brand damage” was still a fresh irritant in the wounds of a war-weary nation. Four years ago, Obama was untested and enshrouded in the glowing mantle of Hope. No intelligent person could possibly believe that “Lightworker” crap anymore, but then again, it’s been a long time since any intelligent person believed anything a Democrat said. The cretins and dimwits have become an effective governing majority, and the question for conservatives at this point is perhaps not, “What does it mean?” but rather, “Why should we bother ourselves resisting it any longer?”

Alas, as always, the duty of the Right is to manfully endure, to survive the defeat and stubbornly oppose the vaunting foe, and so this brutal shock, this electoral catastrophe, must be absorbed and digested. At some point next week or next month or next year, then, we shall recover our morale and plot some new stratagem for the future. In the immediate aftermath of Tuesday’s debacle, however, it is difficult to see any glimmer of light amid the encroaching gloom. Surely, there are many Americans who now sympathize with that New York infantryman who, in the bleak winter of 1862, when the Union’s Army of the Potomac was under the incompetent command of Gen. Ambrose Burnside, wrote home in forlorn complaint: “Mother, do not wonder that my loyalty is growing weak.… I am sick and tired of the disaster and the fools that bring disaster upon us.” […]



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  1. “I am sick and tired of the disaster and the fools that bring disaster upon us.” […]”

    These prophetic words ring so true today…

  2. If this article is accurate, the “Latino” vote may have been the decisive factor in Obama’s victory:–politics.html

    Now, aren’t you grateful to our “Latino” citizens and their contribution to the USA? They love this country SO much that they want the very BEST for it: more Obama. I am reminded, again, of an old Spanish saying: “Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos” (“If you raise crows, one day they’ll pluck your eyes out,” or, if you prefer, “Raise vipers and one day you’ll die of their poison”).

    And yes, these are precisely the voters who were targeted by pro-Obama TV spots in Spanish made by our very own Cretina, the Saralegui cow, who’s now presumably BFF with BO and Michelle. Do look for her at the inaugural events; I’m sure she’ll do her best to be as conspicuous as possible (and no doubt she’ll get plenty of corresponding coverage in the South Florida area).

    To me, Cretina’s shilling for BO is comparable to that mummified witch Alicia Alonso (ballet’s Norma Desmond) shilling for Castro, Inc. (except there’s no comparison at all in terms of talent). Once again, like clockwork, a Cuban (at least a nominal one) brazenly comes forward to remind us why our former country went down the toilet: basically, there were too many shitty Cubans. I’m very afraid there may prove to be too many shitty Americans, native or naturalized.

    Lord have mercy.

  3. Reportedly, voter turnout was lower than in ‘O8 or ’04. I can see that for Dem voters, but is it possible that significant numbers of Republican voters didn’t vote because they weren’t crazy about Romnney? Is such criminal stupidity possible? And if the lower turnout was due to Dem apathy, how could Romney still lose?

  4. Right. Many of these factors don’t make sense to me…But Joe Garcia won in a landslide. so I’m guessing his voters pulled the Donkey lever all down the ballot line, giving Obama that unprecedented Cu-Am vote for a Democrat…unreal.

  5. Well, I drank the Republican pollster kool-aid (even put a few bucks into the market on Monday counting on a Romney win-ha!). It seems to me either there was clever cheating (no, I don’t believe that), or maybe they were counting on their (seemingly good) interpretation of the polls to motivate our side–while the whole time I thought the polls were BS and a way to motivate the dems to come out. It is inconceivable to me that we had 2.5M fewer pro Romney voters then pro-McCain. Had we had the real enthusiasm that we expected and had evern .5M more pro-Romney voters than McCain then we would have won. Very depressing. Where was this supposed enthusiasm then…my family and friends were enthusiastic, but obviously there weren’t as many republicans willing to vote for a shoe instead of Obama winning like I was.

  6. The inmates are running the asylum. I’ve given up, we are fucked and I just don’t see how we can turn this around given the left’s control of the media, schools, intertainment, the apparent lack of enthusiasm among conservatives, the absolute, stone-cold ignorance of the populace, and the ‘play nice’ approach of the conservative establishment. Also, it’s quite obviuos that the majority of blacks, hispanics, women, and youth are beyond hope, unless we are aggressive in getting our views across in a language they understand. However, we shouldn’t pander to them, because I’m not totally convinced that the blacks or hispanics on their own can make the election. The hardcore south was solidly in the Romney camp with majorities in the 60s, in spite of their large black populations, as was Texas with a large hispanic population. The sad story is in the voting trends of the majority white anglo population from these pathetically liberal, unionized states in the northeast and midwest – they’re voting themsleves into oblivion. Lastly, those surveys showing Cuban-AM support for Obama tells me we are finished. As I’ve said before, those bastards on the island are laughing their asses off. They’ve easily hung on to power, and now they’ve injected this community with their poison – absolutely sickening and shameful. I’m outta here…

  7. In retrospect, it’s always hard to knock an incumbent, much less one who cut his teeth in the underworld of Chicago politics and now enjoys the impenetrable protection of a corrupt media. Conservatives on both coasts need to get busy and stop relying on the sane voters in flyover country to carry the load in national elections and bail them out; they’ve grown accustomed to being a losing minority, and as such, will continue to be just that unless they rise and organize: this country was not founded by people who agreed in great numbers – to the contrary. While the results of the election are tragic, they may be a lesson to Republicans: the voters opted for a Marxist with convictions over a decent man who didn’t convince us he had any. To everyone’s demise.

  8. I think Gigi that is a step too far. I think Romney has convictions and showed that. We may not have agreed with all of his points of view. But did anyone doubt that he understood business, wanted to cut spending and lower taxes, wanted to protect and build up the military, loved Israel, hated Islamism, loved America? That’ll do for openers.

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