A heartfelt missive about Tuesday’s election

I received this from a cousin Wednesday and thought I should share it with our constant readers.

I cried last night.

I’m a Sociologist (Ph.D. Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de La Habana,1956). So bear with me…

In a difficult electoral battle Obama was reelected yesterday. I believe that in a quantified, tangible manner the process demonstrated how much this country has deteriorated in its cultural values and fundamental socio-political education during the last 65 years.

I’m an American of Cuban descent that came to live in this country for the first time in November of 1946. Those were the days when Whittaker Chambers appeared in a Time magazine article digging his backyard for the proof that convicted Alger Hiss was a spy; Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for giving the Russians the designs of the hydrogen bomb; Eisenhower was yet to win the Presidency so I-95, and the rest of the interstate highway system, had not been built; Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous in National Velvet; Elvis Presley was just a few years away from entering the American consciousness; etc., etc., etc.

We have gone In these last 60-and-then-some years from The Jack Benny Show and I Love Lucy to M*A*S*H, The Rules of Engagement, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and on-demand pornography. For years Hollywood has been eroding values with subliminal plots and racier and racier visuals.

We have become a coarse, crude, violent, ill-mannered society, entirely dedicated to the hedonism of instant gratification, shopping, signature labels, and vapid wannabe fashions. We are a society that favors rap music and loud concerts over music that is melodic and romantic. Even some of the people who do attend symphonic concerts and opera are attending just to be seen, seldom having before heard or seen the work being performed. The prevailing well attended events are sports only.

The criterion for our children has become “everybody wins” so as not to hurt anyone’s so called self esteem. This, of course, is pure relativism: there is no right or wrong.

In education, in the elementary and secondary levels the prevailing criteria are all political correct. Everybody moves on whether they know the subject matter or not. In university admissions the prevailing applicable criteria is affirmative action, followed by faculty lounges full of leftist brainwashing, less and less of the exact sciences, and more and more of the “humanities” and law.

Teenage pregnancy, unwed mothers, divorce, child support evasion, abortion, and domestic abuse are rampant.

Most, if not all, manifestations of these values are dictated by a new commandment: Thou shalt not be judgmental. Of course, it goes without saying, “evil” doesn’t exist, and neither does God.

In the civic area, there is rampant corruption and “spin.” Its nefarious core: lies, coupled with gradual, pervasive entitlements from government, supplanting private charity and individual assistance, the elimination of compulsory military service that equalizes and disciplines males for non-military work and behavior.

There has been a gradual and profound loss of honesty. Perjury has lost its deterrent. The “lets get away with it” behavior prevails.

I don’t want to turn this into an essay, but the sum of all these social maladies, among many others, is saturated into the political parties and the politicians. Just to get by through winning short term elections over and over again.

Complacency, comfort, irresponsibility.

“It’s not my problem, somebody will take care of it.”

Americans have a different character and behavior. This allows the bread and circus politicians to run for office, assured that the ground has been properly seeded for their electoral success.

Let the Government take care of me. It’s easier than I having to be responsible for me and my family’s future.

Sorry for this long and tedious recounting.

Yes, I cried last night. I saw that half of our nation is no longer America — and that the system that obliged my wife, my 30 day-old son and myself to leave my homeland in 1960 was being enthroned here and now.

But I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

The Germans have great thinkers and poets. Schopenhauer said that one’s responsibilities were the most imminent ones first; and Goethe said that for a city to be clean everyone had to clean their own door’s frontispiece.

So, I’m going to continue attending Mass, pay my taxes, write letters to editors — whether they publish them or not — read the Wall Street Journal and National Review, talk to my friends about politics – and I’ll vote in all elections while I’m alive.

Because I’m confident that with the other half of the nation that did not vote for Obama, we can contribute to save the country and avoid socialism from finishing the American dream that has done much for the betterment of the whole world by preserving Western values. Many countries in Europe, and other places, are full of the graves of Americans that have given their lives for America and for the world.

Have a good day. And, please, “don’t cry for the USA.” Do something about it!

God Bless America!



3 thoughts on “A heartfelt missive about Tuesday’s election

  1. Thanks George; well said and much needed, but it’s still so difficult to swallow and scary to imagine what may await.

  2. My cousin is a very thoughtful man. As for what awaits, I keep repeating to myself, as a form of self-hypnosis, what St. Francis of Assisi said when asked what he would do if he knew the end of the world was near: “Keep tilling my fields.”

  3. I’ll try my good man, I’ll try…maybe out in Wyoming somewhere, away from the ‘escoria’ that now dominate…Dios Mio

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