Will the Union hold? (UPDATED!)

White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 states

How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to examine the question.

On Nov.7, the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected, the White House’s website received a petition asking the administration to allow Louisiana to secede.

If 25,000 people sign the petition by Dec. 7, it will “require a response” from the Obama administration, according to published rules of the White House’s online “We the People” program.

The Louisiana petition has collected more than 12,300 signatures in four days. A separate effort from Texas has 15,400 supporters.

Similar petitions from 18 other states began arriving Nov. 9, bringing the total — for the moment — to 20.

The White House website publicly displays petitions that have attracted at least 150 signers.


TEXAS petition reaches 25,000 signatures. White House must now review and respond.

These are the “Terms of Participation” as detailed in the “We the People” site at whitehouse.gov:

The White House will respond to petitions submitted through We the People that comply with these Terms of Participation and reach the second signature threshold listed below. Petitions on We the People must meet the first signature threshold in order to be publicly searchable on WhiteHouse.gov. Petitions that do not meet these signature thresholds will be removed from the site after the time limit has expired. The White House may elect to respond to petitions at any time, including those that have not crossed the first or second threshold.

To avoid the appearance of improper influence, the White House may decline to address certain procurement, law enforcement, adjudicatory, or similar matters properly within the jurisdiction of federal departments or agencies, federal courts, or state and local government in its response to a petition.

The White House reserves the right to change the time limits and signature thresholds and apply them to petitions created after the change has been published to this “Current thresholds” section:

AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2011:

To cross the first threshold and be searchable within WhiteHouse.gov, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.

To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.

The Terms of Participation were updated on December 6, 2011.

You say you want a revolution?



2 thoughts on “Will the Union hold? (UPDATED!)

  1. Love it! Great message being sent. Not too far-fetched either, given the growing divide. Count me in. Let’s speculate: how many maggots that voted for this mess or worked for it most of their lives would try to ’emigrate’ to non-Liberal/leftist States once their fucking feel-good utopias collapse? Hell, isn’t that why so many New Yorkers move down here, or Californians into Arizona and other more rational Western States.

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