Yeah, It’s All in There … Except Actual “Health Care” and Human Compassion

This is one of the major reasons businesses are laying-off or reducing employees from full-time work to under 30 hours a week. Today Rush Limbaugh visited “Realville” with Betsy McCaughey’s warnings about the realities of ObamaCare. I don’t think there are many, if any, who have read, re-read and re-read again and again the massive 3000 page ObamaCare law than Ms. McCaughey. She knows it better than the whole of the US Congress, Obama and even the HHS Secretary.

President Obama’s re-election and Democratic gains in the US Senate end any possibility of repealing the Obama health law. It will roll out as written, imposing major changes soon on you and your family. If you are uninsured because you can’t afford it, help may be on the way. But if you are one of the 250 million Americans with coverage, there are big problems ahead.

If you get your health insurance through a job, you might lose it as of Jan. 1, 2014. That’s when the new “employer mandate” kicks in, requiring employers with 50 or more full-time workers to provide the government-designed health plan or pay a fine. The government plan is so expensive, it adds $1.79 per hour to the cost of a full-time employee. That’s incidental if you’re hiring neurosurgeons but a hefty increase for hiring busboys and sales clerks.


As many as a third of employers are considering canceling coverage, according to McKinsey & Co. management consultants. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be uninsured; you won’t have that choice.

When you file your taxes, you will have to show proof that you are enrolled in the one-size-fits-all plan approved by the federal government. It’s mandatory, starting Jan. 1, 2014, or the IRS will withhold your refund. […]

If you’re a senior or a baby boomer, expect less care than in the past. Cuts to future Medicare funding pay for more than half the Obama health law. […]

For the first time in history, the federal government will control how doctors treat privately insured patients. […]

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More on this subject from Betsy McCaughey @ The New York Post:



And be sure to read Rush Limbaugh’s monologue on this.



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