More Cuba “Expertise!”–(from the Brookings Institution this time)

“As the guerrilla army made its triumphal entry into Havana and the infant revolution shifted leftward, a hallmark of its anti-imperialist ethos became the loudly proclaimed nationalizations of the U.S.-based firms that had controlled many key sectors of the Cuban economy, including hotels and gambling casinos, public utilities, oil refineries, and the rich sugar mills.”

Hate to break the news to all these “Experts”: but in 1959, U.S. investments in Cuba accounted for only 14 percent of the island’s GNP, and U.S. owned companies employed only 7 percent of Cuba’s workforce.

Now regarding The Brookings Institution, from their website:

“Brookings is proud to be consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank.

Regarding the credentials crowning the Brooking’s Cuba “Expert” quoted above:

Richard Feinberg is professor of international political economy at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego. Feinberg served as special assistant to President Clinton and senior director of the National Security Council’s Office of Inter-American Affairs. He has held positions on the State Department’s policy planning staff and worked as an international economist in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of International Affairs.

And his education on Cuba derived essentially from Godfather II

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin Real.

My favorite quip from Jorge (“el viejo”) Mas:

“Here in the U.S. people complain that these doggone Cubans “OWN EVERYTHING in Florida!” Well, what makes folks think that people who landed on these shores with the mere clothes on their back and not knowing the language and shortly came to “own everything,” were incapable of owning the businesses in their OWN country?!”

(hideously paraphrased but his famous quip was somewhere along those lines.)



3 thoughts on “More Cuba “Expertise!”–(from the Brookings Institution this time)

  1. So Humberto, you keep using Jerry Lewis…are you French? I mean, you live in Louisiana and all. Not that I object, mind you. After all, Alberto’s bloodline is rather muddy, and he’s the blog’s Managing Editor. Far be it from me to criticize diversity. We really must get one of those transgender people on board. We have to show everyone we’re just as, uh, inclusive as Mariela Castro.

  2. Jerry Lewis is my favorite comedian–BY FAR!…maybe because Fontova is Catalan, who all fancy themselves French (European) instead of Spanish (Moros/Africans).

    “Europe ends at the Pyrennes” said Napoleon.

    “Wrong,” replied Catalans, “it ends at the Ebro.”

  3. This remind me of today argument with my Bolivian teacher for my American history class. He claimed that the reason why Castro got so many supporter is because Cuba used to have a high lower class, where most of the big land were owned by rich American. He’s a very typical liberal, and when he made those claim, I already knew what was coming next. I gave my statement, where I told him that he’s wrong, but like the liberal that he is, he told me that I’m the one who’s wrong. He also find a bad excuse for why Cuban American are successful. He claimed that we are successful than other Latin American group (After I had an argument with him, where he claimed that Cuban aren’t the most successful) is because we get paper and welfare once we step on American soil. Now I plan to get as many legit sources as I can, so I can prove him wrong tomorrow in front of the whole class. If you got any good sources please let me know.

    P.S Humberto, The whole thing you just said about Spanish being Moros/Africans was also cover, but that was in the first week of school. He claimed that the reason why Spain has so many people with dark hair and eyes is because Spaniards are mix with Moros/Africans.

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