Donnez-moi shelter: Très riche Castro-loving French thespian slips out from under Hollande’s socialist thumb

Gerard Depardieu, maître d’impolitesse

Mon Dieu!  Gimme Shelter.  Rich French rats are fleeing the sinking ship piloted by Socialist president  François Hollande.  Among them is Castro-idolater and master hypocrite Gerard Depardieu.  Apparently, he only approves of wealth redistribution when it applies to other people, especially peuple of an inferieur sort, such as les Cubains.

French Socialists are upset with the great acteur, who once starred in every French film — or at least gave the impression of doing so.

“It is sad because he is a great actor and someone I know and like,” said Bertrand Delanoe, the Socialist mayor of Paris. “He is a generous man but in this instance he is not showing that.”

Monsieur Delanoe made no mention of Depardieu’s recent drunk-driving mobilette accident or of his incident indésirable involving urine and a Perrier bottle on a transatlantic flight.

Zut alors!  I wonder eef reech Americains arre going to react in a seemeelarr fasheeeon when zey get taxed at a higherr rrate by zeirr Nobel-Laureate Prezeedent, le grand humanitaire et très-saintRédempteur, Barrrrrrrack Obama?

French acteur Depardieu dodges Socialist taxes, flees to Belgium

PARIS (Reuters) – Actor Gerard Depardieu has become the latest Frenchman to look for shelter outside his native country after a series of tax hikes by Socialist President Francois Hollande on the wealthy.

The “Cyrano de Bergerac” star has bought a house in the Belgian village of Nechin near the French border, local mayor Daniel Senesael told French media on Sunday, adding he had also enquired about procedures for acquiring Belgian residency.

Senesael said Depardieu would join some 2,800 French living in the same area a few minutes drive from the border, including the Mulliez family, owners of French hypermarket chain Auchan and Decathlon sports stores, who have lived there for years.

Belgian residents do not pay wealth tax, which in France is now slapped on individuals with assets over 1.3 million euros, nor do they pay capital gains tax on the sale of shares.

“I think he wanted to enjoy the atmosphere in Belgium, our identity, the rural, bucolic setting,” Senesael told RTL radio.

For Depardieu, best known for his roles as Obelix in the French “Asterix” films and as Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1990 film of the same name, the move will do nothing to improve his image, already tarnished by a series of embarrassing incidents.

Just last week, Depardieu was arrested for driving under the influence after falling of his scooter in Paris, while in August a car driver filed a legal complaint for assault and battery against him following an altercation in the capital.

François Hollande, bouffon extraordinaire



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  1. Rich celebs go left because it’s fashionable and “cool,” and they’re all about image and the marketing thereof. They may have additional issues, but that one alone will do it. Only exceptional cases like Clint Eastwood, where there’s actually character as opposed to posturing and attitude, fail to toe the party line, as there is intense peer pressure to conform as well as adverse consequences for not doing so. This bloated French asshole is, of course, a screaming hypocrite, but he’s got plenty of company–and not just in France.

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