And he probably trilled his “r’s” with gusto when speaking of “NicaRRRRRRagua”


Given that it is always best to know what one’s enemies are up to, The National Review has re-issued Jay Nordlinger’s 2004 detailed essay on John Kerry’s very immoderate leftist foreign policy.  If you missed it the first time around, when this dangerous man ran for president, here is your chance to  acquaint yourself with our next Secretary of State.  As you read, keep in mind that John Kerry had a lower grade-point average at Yale (76) than his rival George Bush (77).  That’s a C average.   Kerry had four D’s his freshman year – a 61 in geology, a 63 and a 68 in two history courses, and a 69 in political science. He also received one D in his sophomore year.  Let’s see if this issue comes up at all when the news media reports on his appointment as America’s foreign minister.

And also please remember that back in the 80’s and 90’s all politically correct Americans loved to affect a Spanish accent when speaking of NicaRRRRRagua, but not when speaking of Honduras, Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Uruguay or Paraguay.  And that back in the 70’s, in the time of Salvador Allende, the country formerly known as “Chili” became “Chill-eh”…  Freudian slip of the leftist tongue….  Let’s see how Kerry handles his Latin American “r’s”….

Back in Sandinista Days . . .
John Kerry now talks a moderate game; but what does the record say?
By Jay Nordlinger

Here’s what you’re not supposed to say about John Kerry: that he is a man of the Left; that he is a “Massachusetts liberal”; that he is the anti-Reagan (well, you can say that in some circles). No, now that he’s the Democratic nominee, he is a man of the sensible center, in contrast to those Texas-fried radicals in the White House. Kerry the Nominee even enjoys getting to President Bush’s right. Why, just the other day — appealing to Cuban-American voters in Florida — Kerry chided Bush for being a little soft on Hugo Chávez, the (democratically elected) strongman of Venezuela and one of Fidel Castro’s best friends. The Bush people sputtered with indignation: The gall! But Kerry is acting cannily.

Canny or not, Kerry has a record on Latin America — a substantial one. You will recall the 1980s, and that decade’s fierce debates over Central America policy. At the heart of these debates was Nicaragua: the Sandinistas, Castro, and the Soviet Union versus the Contras and the United States (or rather, not all of the United States: the Reagan administration, in particular). Kerry was an important player in all this. He was part of a group derided by Republicans as “‘Dear Comandante’ Democrats,” for they would address letters to Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista No. 1, “Dear Comandante.” (“But that’s his title,” they would plead, not unreasonably.) This group included such House members as Mike Barnes and Pete Kostmayer, and such senators as Chris Dodd and Tom Harkin — and John Kerry.

Only months after he was sworn in, Kerry joined Harkin on an infamous trip to Managua, to meet with Comandante Ortega. This was April 1985. The trip, according to an article in Policy Review magazine, was arranged by the Institute for Policy Studies, a hard-Left group. IPS was one of several such groups around Kerry back then. The trip, moreover, occurred a few days before a key vote in Congress on Contra aid — the bill proposed to send $14 million in humanitarian assistance to those anti-Communist rebels.

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9 thoughts on “And he probably trilled his “r’s” with gusto when speaking of “NicaRRRRRRagua”

  1. In every case when set to name an appointee, Obama shocks by choosing the worst possible person. Who could have predicted that the very person who castigated our soldiers and worked for our communist enemies would be the one chosen as Secretary of State?
    I am so glad Whittaker Chambers is not alive to see this day.

  2. Who would believe that the very person who said disgusting lies about our military and who sided with our communist enemies would one day be chosen by our president to be our secretary of state?
    I am glad Whittaker Chambers is not alive to see this day.

  3. Who would have believed that a Communist/Marxist/Socialist/anti-American bullshit character would have been elected (and re-elected) as President of the US in my lifetime is beyond me.

    But it is what is and a sign of the crazy times we’re living…

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  5. The problem is that Kerry shouldn’t be in Congress, period. Of course, if you’re a scumbag with political ambitions, you could hardly do better than the MA electorate. He’s only one example out of many, each more disgusting than the next. I have zero respect for such voters, and I deeply resent that they can have any influence whatsoever on my life, however indirectly. Reminds me of Caligula and his horse, the one he wanted to make a senator.

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