New Gun “Expert”– Soledad O’Brien!!!

(Though she’s half Cuban, guess a Puerto Rican flag is much more Politically-Correct in her circles)

If I were a male-chauvinist pig demonstrating to the world why women should not be allowed to vote or serve as judges, because their brains are wired to emote rather than to logically analyze–because many are completely impervious to logic and prefer warm and fuzzy platitudes to facts and evidence–if I were such a hopeless mysogynist and scoundrel I would simply show this video of Soledad O’Brien interviewing John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime.


After Lott calmly presented statistic after statistic, fact after fact, supporting his book’s title, among them: “ALL mass killing of this sort occur in “gun-free zones.” a flustered O’Brien retorted that:

“Your position completely boggles me, honestly. I just do not understand it,”

But since I am nothing remotely resembling the despicable sexist scoundrel described above I simply show the video for purposes of light entertainment.

(Note: The link to the Soledad/Lott video is separate from the picture because I haven’t figured out how to link them yet–though my wife, daughter, sisters, Mom, etc. have often tried to calmly instruct me in the process. I always lose my cool and give up.)




4 thoughts on “New Gun “Expert”– Soledad O’Brien!!!

  1. If she was all Cuban I would have to call her a “cornball sista”. I learn something new every week, I really do (thanks Rob Parker)…

    By the way, we have a real cause. For us “cause” is not an euphemism for the mere cementing of resentment, subsidized ignorance, and a welfare abuse.

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