Own it!

Joseph Curl in The Washington Times stating the obvious — to all but idiot liberals and “progressives.”

Elections have consequences. So suck it up and own it, America.

America decided on Nov. 6.

More than 121 million of us voted, and more than 62 million cast their ballots for the incumbent, President Obama.

While some liberal political pundits like Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton wrongly claim the president has a “mandate” (he doesn’t, he won just 51 percent of the vote and 48 percent of America voted against him), they are correct when they assert, as they have repeatedly since Election Day, that “elections have consequences.”

So, time to suck it up and own it, America (or at least the 51 percent of you that voted for Mr. Obama). The consequences of the 2012 election are coming — higher taxes for everyone. And that, you 62 million-plus people, is just what you voted for, whether you like it or not.

Let’s linger here a moment: Yes, America, YOU VOTED FOR HIGHER TAXES! During his four-year campaign for re-election, the president never said a word about cutting spending. He still doesn’t plan any, even in the 11th hour of fractious debate over the “fiscal cliff” (USA Today on Thursday: “The president is not seeking any immediate spending cuts”).

But Mr. Obama did say exactly 7,381,964 times that he would raise taxes. Of course, he lied when he said they would strike only millionaires and billionaires (all 245,000 of them — there was never a real plan to balance the books on their backs). Spending cuts out, new “revenue” in — and that’s just what you voted for, America, so shut up and send in your cash. […]



2 thoughts on “Own it!

  1. Own it or not, everyone will have to pay. I hold everyone who voted for Obama responsible for any and all adverse consequences of his re-election, since it couldn’t be clearer he should have been “let go.” I will accept no excuse, as there was no valid excuse for such irresponsibility (to put it kindly). And yes, I do see these people as dangerous threats, and I have no intention of supporting them insofar as I can avoid doing so. I’m already being much more selective with where my support goes.

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