When decline in your empire affects your travel plans, you know it’s time to bawl

Maaaami! Se me esta derritiendo el helado!!!
Maaaami! Se me esta derritiendo el helado!!!

Awwwww.  It looks as if the Spaniards who are enriching themselves through the slave labor of Cubans are no longer going to have non-stop flights to Castrolandia.  The crestfallen blood-sucking carpetbaggers will heretofore need to fly to London first and change planes there.  And, of course, this means that Spanish tourists will also have to shave a few hours at either end of their idyllic trysts with sexy little Cuban boys and girls.

Looks like they will now have to work harder to lick that  yummy ice cream cone.

Heart-breaking.  Absolutely devastating.  And even more depressing when one considers that the cutbacks in Iberia Airlines are a major indication of the decline of the new Spanish empire.

….  get out your handkerchiefs…. boo hoooh…….

From The Latin American Herald Tribune

Spanish Businessmen in Cuba Ask Iberia Not to Drop Havana Route

HAVANA – The association representing the more than 360 Spanish firms with operations in Cuba asked Iberia airline and Spain’s government Tuesday for the carrier to reverse its decision to eliminate service between Havana and Madrid.

In letters to Iberia chief Antonio Vazquez and Spanish Development Minister Ana Pastor, the association expressed its “deep concern” about the upcoming suspension of Iberia flights between Spain and Cuba.

“We know the elimination of this and other routes to the Caribbean will have a negative effect on our productive activities as well as on the growing and, right now, very profitable economic relations between the Iberian Peninsula and the island (Cuba),” the letters said.

The business group recalled that Spain is the island’s third-largest trade partner and the largest in the European Union, while noting that, despite the recession, Spanish sales to Cuba grew by 9.5 percent in 2011.

Spain’s minister of industry, energy and tourism, Jose Manuel Soria, said last week it is “unacceptable” that to fly from Spain to Havana one has to go through London, and asked Iberia to keep its routes to Latin America.

In his opinion, Iberia ought to continue offering its service on routes to Latin America because this market is very important for Spain and for the airline, and there is absolutely “no reason” to lose it.



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  1. When it comes to Cuba, the Spanish are, in a word, sick—and it’s a chronic disease, passed from one generation to the next. They’ve been that way so long that it’s no wonder they think it’s OK. It’s all they know, all they seem to understand. Yes, there are exceptions, but they only prove the rule. Alas, Cubans are partly to blame, maybe a lot to blame. They’ve put up with way too much Spanish shit for ages, literally, and even now many if not most of them are still in denial. Of course, Cubans are in denial about a lot of things, including themselves, so there’s plenty of dysfunction all around. Vamos bien.

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