Litmus, schlitmus…. Cuba “experts” thrilled by Kerry nomination

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As Jiggle Billy might say:  Surprise, surprise, surprise! Hot diggitty dawg… Yee- haw!  Ain’t this wonderful?

One might as well quote one-dimensional cartoon characters when dealing with the latest news from the Oval Office, version Obama.2.  So much of it seems like a parodody of real history, full of corny characters and sound effects.

Finally, the U.S. is getting a Secretary of State who is fully committed to “pragmatism” rather than principles, and whose grand strategy is to weaken America and support  as many leftist dictators as possible.

It matters little that his  C minus grade point average at Yale was lower than that of archfiend George W. Bush.

The omniscient Cuba “experts” are ecstatic.  And so are the journalists who love to quote them.  At last, the U.S. can cozy up to Castrolandia and give it its full support.  And, finally, President Obama will be able to pass the ultimate litmus test and prove himself a true disciple of  Marx, Alinsky, and Ayers.  My heavens!  This will be Obama’s walk-on-water, raise-the-dead moment!

But, arrrgh,  there is some sand in the Vaseline: those troglodyte Cuban exiles who have hijacked American politics.   Boo- hiss!

But why worry about that?  Those sub-human and churlish villains will surely be squished by the hyper-progressive steamroller driven by President Obama.   That red nitro-fueled machine has got so much mo-mentum, nothing can stop it!

Hoo -whee,  Julia!   Ding-dong, Phil!   Commence the jigglin‘; dance-trance your pants off!   Conga-line and mow-hee-tow time for all!   And free Kerry wigs for all bald men!  And–while we’re at it– let’s throw in a lifetime supply of Che t-shirts for all in the U.S.A whose yearly income is less than $400,000 !

Can Kerry make friends with Cuba?

Probably not. While he’s a critic of US policy toward Havana, he’ll have a hard time actually changing anything.
Nick Miroff January 2, 2013 06:00

HAVANA, Cuba — At the last Summit of the Americas, held in Colombia in April, Washington’s rivals in Latin America and its political allies had the same piece of advice for better US diplomacy in the region: get over your Cuba fixation.

Now, with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) likely to be confirmed as the next secretary of state, the United States will have a top diplomat who has been a frequent critic of America’s 50-year-old effort to force regime change in Havana.

In recent years, Kerry has been the Senate’s most prominent skeptic of US-funded pro-democracy efforts that give financial backing to dissident groups in Cuba and beam anti-Castro programming to the island through radio and television programs based in Miami.

Kerry has also favored lifting curbs on US travel to the island, and opening up American tourism to the only country in the world the US government restricts its own citizens from visiting.

For the rest of Latin America, where leaders say they’re eager for Washington to modernize its view of the region and engage in new ways, Cuba remains “a litmus test” for the Obama presidency, according to Julia Sweig, director of Latin American Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“The strategic benefits of getting Cuba right would reverberate throughout the Americas,” said Sweig, calling Kerry “ideally suited to the task.”

“Kerry’s instincts and experience in Latin America are to see past lingering and often toxic ideology in the US Congress and bureaucracy in favor of pragmatism and problem solving,” she said.

For further doses of this nauseating purgative, go  HERE

Red and Lateen-oh, yeee-ah, the perfect combination!
Red and Lateen-oh, yeee-ah, the perfect combination!



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