The Resolution Quality of “Resolutions”

When I was very young it was explained to me, by one of my aunts, the reason we eat pork and kraut on New Years is to purge the bitterness and excess of the prior year (the kraut) and to hope for and celebrate the bounties of the New Year upon us (the pork). My Hungarian Grandmother also insisted turkey and chicken were never to be eaten on New Years Day because they scratched backward and we were to move forward. This week I deliberately spent New Years Eve and Day away from the internet and the news in order to do pretty much just that. So, please allow me this opportunity to wish all of my Babalu family and friends a very Happy New Year.

Here are a few things that caught my attention today as I plugged back in…

1. CNN has simply thrown any resemblance of couth out the window of a New York high-rise and doesn’t give two shakes of a damn.

2. hollywood

3. The ever clueless Al Gore is selling his failed attempt at Current TV to Al Jazeera.

4. Victor Davis Hanson warns us: “2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times”. He cites a list of things we now will be exposed to as the new normal in this occupied United States of America. One is the brilliant idea of a Georgetown University (yeah, the same institution that gave us Sandra Fluke) constitutional law professor who wants to throw out the U.S. Constitution because it is standing in the way of political progress… or something. *sigh-h-h-h*

5. Obama is expected to use the emperor’s “executive order” pen, again, to go after gun control and immigration reform, ASAP.

6. Speaks for itself:

7. A retired U.S. Marine tells gun-grabbing Sen. Dianne Feinstein to go pound sand.

8. Question of 2012: “Why Did A Train Carrying Biofuel Cross The Border 24 Times And Never Unload?”

9. Hollywood jumped on that whole gun control bullet train after the last mass school shooting demanding a plan for gun control. However, level-minded Americans are not buying into their crap, given their finished product(s), and have issued a reminder to the public of such titled “Demand a Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves” (WARNING: some language alerts):

10. Not to be outdone, Speaker John Beohner (who may or maynot have a gavel here shortly) had the same suggestion for a tired Sen. Harry Reid. By the way, I am finding all this outrage (especially from democrats) at Rep. John Boehner’s not allowing a vote on the ‘alleged’ Hurricane Sandy relief bill (that was crammed with non-essential pork that have nothing to do with storm relief) disgustingly hilarious. Where were/are these same people vomiting disdain and bile all over Harry Reid who never met a House bill he didn’t let drop dead and rot on a mountain of House bills outside his door since 2010, especially those bills dealing with balancing the budget? Perhaps ‘the fiscal cliff’ would not be so steep right now.


11. I must be doing something right, and have passed it along to my oldest daughter (and her husband), who are passing it along to my oldest Grandchild.

While at my Mickey’s wrestling meet this past Sunday (the first I have been able to get to) I witnessed something that nearly brought me to tears…


My handsome little blonde guy (black shoes with yellow headgear dangling behind his back … his Daddy’s pee-wee wrestling headgear) is growing up (7 years old). Without being told, he removed his headgear, put his hand to his heart, and stood at perfect attention as the U.S. National Anthem was played before the matches began. Then it was all business


12. A special kitty for a very special little girl…


A couple days after Christmas we took our Lizzie Rose to the “Angels for Animals” shelter and spent nearly two hours in the cat rooms. The little, one-eyed, male, six-month-old Tabby took a quick attraction to our Lizzie Rose, and she took an immediate love and affection to him. No matter which room we went into, or how many kittens she spent time with, she kept coming back to him. Puss-n-Boots is now part of the family.

Lucky number 13:

If you haven’t already seen one of last year’s movie sensations I give you a ‘two-thumbs-up’ for “The Hunger Games”. We rented it a few nights ago and I was struck by the impending parallels of the world and society in which the story takes place, and where we are, and where we are heading, today. I watched it three times, and each time could not shake the eeriness. I do not know what the writer’s underlying intentions/messages are in these books (I understand she holds an anti-war position), but I could easily have seen Ayn Rand writing this story. As a matter of fact, Rand’s “Anthem” came to mind while watching the movie.

Finally (14), it is very hard to make a serious New Years resolution when those in power, our leaders who are no more than the selfish, envious, lustful, and gluttonous people elbowing and shoving in a “Black Friday” line outside a store at 4 a.m., are constantly over-reaching, over-spending, changing the rules and moving the goal posts, while half the country remains willfully uninformed, and gullible to the MSM and celebrity shiny objects of manipulation.


All we can do is get out of bed every morning and vow to personally be the best we can be on any given day. Some days we will achieve a lot and feel genuinely tired. Other days we will just barely complete a full day from snooze button to lights-out, feeling more mentally and emotionally weary than physically spent. Our goal should be to not lose our humanity and our personal responsibility. We must treat each other individually, and as we would have ourselves be considered and treated, even the smallest and most at risk among us during this troubling era in our living history…

Happy New Year



3 thoughts on “The Resolution Quality of “Resolutions”

  1. As always, excellence in linkage abounds Maggie.

    I hope that last photo is real, I recall a similar photo taken by a doctor some years ago that was called out as staged or Photoshop adjusted.

  2. Any celebrity that presumes beyond its area of competence (if any) should be scorned and NOT enabled. These people are totally out of control and desperately need to be put in their place, which is that of dispensable frills. Nobody actually needs what they’re selling (and I mean what may be worth buying). They’re the equivalent of a box of chocolates: you may enjoy one, but you absolutely, positively can live without it without ANY significant problem.

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