Yeah, that will take care of the problem for sure


Afro-Cuban priests prescribe Santeria for Chavez

Yes. That’s the solution. Get the santeros to work up some of their demonic magic for the dying man.

Yeah, let’s get Satan involved in this.

In case you didn’t know this already, the Catholic Church considers Santeria nothing more than devil-worship.  This has been the position of the Church all along, even as its clergy in Cuba turned a blind eye toward the development of this underground African religion.

This might cause a bureaucratic jurisdictional tangle in the spiritual dimension, and no small implosion, for Chavez  constantly appeals to Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Catholic Church, and many Catholic clergy (including the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone) have publicly prayed for Chavez, or even said Masses for his recovery.  In his last public act on Venezuelan television –before embarking for his latest round of surgery in Cuba — Hugo Chavez kissed a crucifix.  On other occasions he has compared himself to Jesus Christ and stated that the work of his Bolivarian Revolution is that of Christ himself.

Uh, oh….  The last time historians of religion checked on this issue, they determined that the  Judaeo-Christian God does not look favorably on devil-worship, and the Evil One himself harbors no good will towards those who kiss crucifixes and compare themselves to Christ.

But, then, again, the Evil One, a.k.a. The Father of Lies, never plays by any rules other than his own, which he is constantly making up, as it best suits his needs.  Just like any dictator.

HAVANA. Associated Press.

A body of top Afro-Cuban priests recommended Wednesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seek their help as he recovers from his fourth recent cancer-related surgery.

In their annual New Year’s forecast known as the “Letter of the Year,” the Santeria priests, or “babalawo,” expressed hope that Chavez would ask for their assistance in getting well.

“I hope, God willing, that he decides to knock on the door of a Cuban priest and that God will allow for the possibility of this individual to do something for him,” said Lazaro Cuesta, one of the “babalawo.”

“Whichever house he knocks upon, I expect he will receive the help he requires,” Cuesta said.

He said priests had not performed a ceremony in Chavez’s name, because they only do so if asked.

Chavez has been convalescing in Cuba since his operation last month for an undisclosed cancer. The secrecy surrounding the precise nature of his ailment and treatment has led to speculation about his health, which Venezuelan officials characterize as “delicate.”

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2 thoughts on “Yeah, that will take care of the problem for sure

  1. Con todo el cariño que tengo por Carlos Eire, y el respeto que merece. La santería no es demoníaca en Cuba. Quizás en Haití, quizás esté confundiendo la santería con el vudú haitiano. La santería cubana forma parte de su cultura, de la parte africana y yoruba de su cultura, como en Brasil.
    Este blog se llama, por ejemplo, Babalú, y no San Lázaro Bendito. No es necesaria la explicación, creo yo. Mi abuela, irlandesa, meiga y druida, se hizo santera en Cuba, y no era demoníaca ni hacía nada con el diablo. Iba cada domingo a la iglesia, por cierto, y por ella nos bautizamos, hicimos la comunión y la confirmación mi primo y yo. Nos inculcó la religión católica y nos dio libertad para aceptar o no la santería.
    La iglesia católica siempre ha demostrado un desprecio enorme por la santería, religión practicada por el pueblo cubano, por los esclavos en otra época, y por el pueblo en su gran mayoría durante la república y el período castrista.
    En cuanto al nombre del blog, entonces seguramente este es un blog demoníaco, ¿no? No lo creo. El único demonio en Cuba ya sabemos cómo se llama, y en Estados Unidos, también.

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