The Wrath of the Ripe One: Angry Maduro blasts Spain’s ABC

Pssst… hey… are those sandbags or sacks of cocaine?

Now that he is back in Caracas, vice president Nicolás Maduro (a.k.a. “Saddammito”), vice president of Venezuela,  accused Spain’s ABC newspaper of  “disrespecting Chavez and his daughters every day by publishing ill-willed information.”

We at Babalu have been passing on these reports, day in, day out.   So now — pay attention — you must disregard what you’ve been reading here.  So says Saddammito el Madurito.

He also said that Hugo Chavez will be returning to Venezuela “sooner rather than later,” and that the ailing dictator “is conscious of the battle he is waging.”

Maduro denied that he and other officials have been holding back on information. “We have issued 26 official news releases, always with the truth.”  And he added: “Chavez has the same fighting spirit he’s always had, with all the strength he’s always had, with all of the energy he’s always had,  and he is confident and secure, and this is what we have communicated to our people.”

Whole shebang HERE, in Spanish



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  1. These Latrines are too much. No wonder liberals love them. I mean, practically anybody can feel superior to these clowns.

  2. Platano Maduro is running out of excuses to deny the Monkey Clown’s obvious appointment with Lucifer.

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