Chavez death watch: Caracas versus Hollywood

Two responses to the political crisis in Venezuela.  Two very different views, one from the trenches in Caracas, one from the Cloaca Maxima in Hollywood.

One is from a leader of the opposition to Chavez, a man who is obviously aware of what is at stake in his country.

Antonio Ledezma
Antonio Ledezma

Ledezma: Cabello and Maduro are receiving instructions from Cuba

Friday January 04, 2013 04:28 PM

Caracas Metropolitan Mayor and opposition leader Antonio Ledezma reported that President Hugo Chávez is “kidnapped in Cuba” and that Venezuelans have a right to know what his condition is and who is giving instructions from Cuba.

Ledezma urged the Venezuelan Government to provide accurate information regarding Chávez’s state of health. “I am ratifying my stance: as Venezuelans, we have a right to know the real situation of the President. We can have different political views; we can have disagreements as persons and political leaders, but Chávez is the president of all Venezuelans and he has been in the hands of the Cuban government for more than 18 months.”

Ledezma believes the way the information on Chávez’s operation for cancer has been handled suggests that the president “is virtually kidnapped by a foreign government.”

“Enough disrespect for Venezuelans. I feel Venezuelans have been deceived and the good faith of President Hugo Chávez’s followers and relatives has been betrayed,” Ledezma said.

The opposition leader requested a clarification on who is giving instructions from Cuba to the officials currently in charge of the Venezuelan government.”

Ledezma said it was obvious that Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro and National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello are receiving instructions from the Cuban government. “They are getting (instructions) and what we want to know is who is giving the instructions, because according to the latest report of Communication Minister Ernesto Villegas, President Chávez is in a critical health status.”


The second response is from one of the vilest propagandists in Hollywood, a multi-millionaire filmmaker who has dedicated his life to supporting dictators who enslave their own people and steal their earnings — a Yale dropout whose artistic contribution to totalitarianism  dwarfs that of Nazi  propagandist Leni Riefenstahl.

Stone spews the same kind of outrageous lies that the Castronoid ministry of propaganda has been churning out since 1959, but hardly ever gets challenged.

Interestingly, in this interview he lets one cat out of the bag, and it’s a big one that should be picked up and closely examined in the U.S., but will probably be ignored: he admits that President Obama and Hugo Chavez are birds of a feather.


Oliver Stone hails Chavez, touts VP as successor(AFP) – 18 hours ago

LOS ANGELES — US filmmaker Oliver Stone hailed Friday the achievements of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and forecast that his vice president would be elected if the controversial leader dies of cancer.

“I think he’s going to be mourned as a national figure, he changed Venezuela forever, you have no idea how bad it was before him,” Stone told CNN, about the possibility Chavez may not survive.

Before Chavez, “people were fed up. He represents hope and change, the things that (President Barack) Obama stood for in our country in 2008,” he said, adding: “I was very happy that he won the re-election” in October.

The Venezuelan people “want him, he’s popular, the people love him, the majority of the people, because the living standards have gone up and that’s what’s ignored in so much of the reporting on Venezuela.”

I found him to be a magnanimous warm man, big man.

Asked about what would happen if Chavez dies, Stone added: “I have full confidence in (Vice President Nicolas) Maduro and his government, and I think they will continue, they will do the right thing.

“And if there needs to be another election, I’m pretty confident that his party, the Maduro people, will win,” he said, adding: “There’s a vocal minority that is against him.”

It is not the first time Stone has spoken out in favor of Chavez, whom he interviewed for a 2009 documentary “South of the Border,” exploring the outspoken Venezuelan leader’s role in bottom-up change sweeping South America.

Stone told a Spanish newspaper in the same year that Spain’s King Juan Carlos should “shut up” and listen to Chavez.

At a summit in Chile in 2007, Juan Carlos sparked a diplomatic row when he turned to Chavez — who had been repeatedly interrupting a speech by Spain’s then premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero — and said: “Why don’t you shut up.”

And…. by the way…. never noticed before, but Oliver Stone might be one of those Saddam Hussein clones too, along with VP Maduro.  He normally escapes notice by not sporting a moustache, but in the photo above, it’s hard to hide it.




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  1. “You have no idea how bad it was before him.” Stone was presumably too polite to add “because you’re not a Venezuela expert like me and Sean Penn, and we know far better than that vocal minority of Venezuelans who oppose Chavez.” Gee, this sounds so familiar, as in “you have no idea how bad it was before Castro,” coming from, say, Michael Moore. You simply cannot make this shit up.

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