Of flashbacks, brainwashing, and socialist venom

A svelte Carromero arrives at Barajas airport, Madrid, proving the efficacy of the Castro prison diet
A svelte Carromero arrives at Barajas airport, Madrid

Carromero claims partial amnesia, but reveals a few new details

Angel Carromero said in an interview that he has had trouble remembering the details of the “accident” that landed him in a Cuban prison.

He blames the memory lapse on three factors:

1. Trauma from the crash itself.

2. An intravenous drug administered to him by Cuban doctors immediately after the car crash, which, according to him, left him sedated for two weeks.

3. Intensive, ceaseless “brainwashing” by Castronoid agents during his incarceration in Cuba.

He claims he is now having flashbacks and remembering bits and pieces of what happened on July 22, but that he doesn’t yet have a complete recollection of events.  Those flashbacks include memories of another car that was following them very closely.

He is conscious of the possible effects that a full revelation of events might have, and is holding off on disclosing any further information at this point.  He is also extremely conscious of the character assassination that the leftist Spanish press launched into immediately after his accident, and of the fact that anything he says will have limited credibility.

Full story HERE, in Spanish

In the meantime, as Carromero sits in his “palatial” cell in Segovia (that’s his own description of it), the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE) continues its campaign against Carromero, charging that he is receiving preferential treatment.

The PSOE will lodge a formal complaint in the Spanish parliament this week and call for an official investigation. Among their many demands in this formal complaint, the Socialists include two that would make it harder for Carromero to shed his image as a criminal or to become more visible or have access to the public sphere:

1. That Carromero should not be considered for parole so quickly

2. That he not be allowed to have so many visitors

Whole thing HERE, in Spanish.  If you want to see some of the venom spewed by the Spanish left, take a look at the comments.



2 thoughts on “Of flashbacks, brainwashing, and socialist venom

  1. If the Spanish left is this vile to an obviously victimized Spaniard, WTF can Cubans expect from it? Precisely what we’ve always gotten: Hijeputez on steroids. Que asco de gente! And I repeat, Cubans come from this fetid gene pool, more so than any other former Spanish colony, which apparently explains a lot.

  2. Well, based on this latest information it is obvious that the KGB and East Germany’s security apparatus performed an outstanding job of training the Cuban G2 intelligence services.

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