Reality Check: 4 Minutes of Facts and Stinking Facts on Gun Stats Just as Obama Prepares to Reach for His “Executive Order” Pen … Again

The other night conspiracy blogger *Alex Jones appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s show. (Jones was nearly derailed in his travels to the CNN interview during a tangle with the airport TSA.)

It is obvious the number of people who actually viewed the hectic debate between the two on CNN (not counting those who viewed the post-video on the internet) over gun control in the United States could quite possibly fit into a small town’s fast food parking lot. The exchange has since been mired in Jones’s un-composed, zealous style which gave ammo to Morgan’s, and the left’s, weak stance against our Second Amendment right. However, conveniently lost in the liberal MSM ethos (as usual) amid their plotting the deaths of their opposition, are the crushing facts and stinking facts

Meanwhile, given the Congress’s broken clock moments of better judgement in these matters, Obama cannot count even on enough democrats to vote with him on his gun grab. Obama and his new Gun Czar Crazy Vice Liar Joe Biden, are setting this country up for Obama’s “Executive Order” abolishing our Second Amendment right. It HAS been Obama’s plan all along. Now, ignore the emotional aspect of the Alex Jones rant, and his core claims of the average law abiding U.S. citizen who owns guns not willingly acquiescing to a dictator’s tearing up of the U.S. Constitution would not go over well at all do not sound so fanatic or conspiratorial … Do they?

And here it comes:

JOE BIDEN: “The president is going to act. There are executives orders — executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action, we believe is required.”

Finally, something so simple and accurate that is NOT being said enough in the haste of this debate was something I read in a morning exchange on Facebook: “At Columbine those two “kids” broke about 26 Federal and State laws. Does anyone seriously think had there been a 27th that they would have said “We better not do this there are 27 laws about this.”?”

*I am not and never have been an Alex Jones fan/follower.

Editor’s Note: The Biden Video implies this was Biden after a meeting with the NRA this morning. He has not yet met with the NRA. Today’s meeting involved like-minded gun control advocate groups/people.




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