Cuban dictatorship responds to UN group exposing their farcical judiciary

Naturally, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship did not remain silent after a UN group exposed their judiciary for the farce that it is. And of course, since the Cuban regime is so adept at propaganda, they released a statement repudiating the group’s findings based on lies and fabrications.

Why not? Too many people in this world have shown themselves to be more than willing to swallow the Cuban dictatorship’s propaganda whole.

Via Along the Malecon:

Minrex: Alan Gross jailing not arbitrary

Executive summary of Cuba’s response to the letter of allegation issued by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions with regard to the Alan Gross case

Contrary to the allegations made by the source of a denounce against the Cuban government, the detention of Mr. Alan Phillip Gross in Cuba has not violated any of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights or the Group of Principles for the Protection of Persons Under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment. Therefore, this in no way qualifies as an arbitrary detention.

Mr. Gross was detained, prosecuted and sentenced for illegally and covertly introducing in Cuba communication equipment using non-commercial technology which is only meant to be used for military purposes and for creating clandestine networks for the transmission and reception of data, destined to implement a US Government program funded by the federal budget of that country with the aim of subverting Cuba’s constitutional order and jeopardizing the stability of the country.    Mr. Alan Gross was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that.  He was sentenced for committing acts against Cuba’s national security and public order, not for promoting freedom or any of the rights enshrined by the aforementioned international instruments. The covert actions he carried out violated the Cuban legislation and are considered to be serious crimes in most countries, including the United States.

Mr. Gross was not prosecuted for helping the Jewish communities to have access to the Internet.  All Cuban synagogues have Internet access, and they did have it even before Mr. Gross’s visit to Cuba. He did not reveal to any of the members of the Jewish Community in Cuba with whom he interacted the true purpose of his project and the fact that he was a USAID Contractor.  Many of the members of that community who were witnesses to his actions stated in their depositions, including the ones that were made during the trial, that they had been deceived by Mr. Gross.
The United States will not accept, just as many other countries won’t, any other government to act in disregard of American regulations by secretly sending some individuals to its own territory using government funds from that State so that these persons may put up covert and illegal communication systems without any previous arrangement or registration, much less if these are meant to perpetrate destabilization activities against the existing order.

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  1. Alan “Woe-Is-Me” Gross, who denounced the U.S. before being sentenced and later sued the U.S. Government, has received more international support and favorable publicity from both the left and the right than any Cuban political prisoner ever did, including Orlando Zapata, Dr. Oscar Biscet, Pedro Luis Boitel, Armando Valladares, Marta Beatriz Roque, Mario Chanes, and so many others. What needs to be questioned here is why the difference in support, especially when Gross is such a cry baby lacking resolve and patriotism.

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