Because it’s so much fun to be served by slaves!

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Warning: Lack of conscience report.

Not for the elderly or the faint of heart.

May induce vertigo, high blood pressure, stroke, or irresistible urge to smash all Molson beer six packs with a sledgehammer at your local supermarket.

Castrolandia is now attracting more Canadians than ever, and one Canadian travel agency reports that the slave plantation owned by the Castro dynasty is now their number one destination.

Hey…. hosers…. here’s a traditional Cuban tongue twister, from way back. See if you can say this fast, over and over:

“Cayo Coco, Coco Cayo, Calle Caca, Caca Calle, Cago Cuba, Cuba Cago, Hijoeputa, Come Caca.”

And, by the way, when you go to Cuba, a really nice and quick way to make friends is to say: “Me encantaria saborear tus mocos.”  (May en- kahn-tah-reeah sah-bow-ray-ahr toos mow-kohs).  Be sure to say it with a smile on your face.  It means “you have such  lovely eyes.”

Montreal Canadiens v Winnipeg Jets

Cuba Vacations Reach Record-High

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Jan. 10, 2013) – Canada’s favourite travel company, itravel2000, has reported a huge increase in Canadian bookings for vacation packages to Cuba. As a popular long-time favourite among Canadians, this is no surprise, but the volume and growth from not only years past, but against other hot travel sun destinations like Mexico, these numbers are unprecedented.

Based on bookings for 2012, itravel2000 helped thousands of Canadians escape to Cuba, ranked as the new number one travel destination, dropping Mexico into second place. Canadians are going beyond the popular Cuba destinations like Varadero and Havana, and exploring new emerging cities like Holguin, Cayo Coco, Santa Maria, Santiago, and Camaguey. Not only has Cuba developed more resorts, but itravel2000 has expanded their offerings as well, providing more flights and resorts available to Canadians.

“We know Canadians love Cuba, and we offer all-inclusive vacation packages to many of their great cities, and various different resorts too,” Jonathan Carroll, president of itravel2000, explained. “We even see repeat visits to Cuba which affirms how strongly Canadians love to travel and explore new places in Cuba, or the same places and resorts because of the amazing experiences they have shared there”.

From the exotic Havana to some of the most breathtaking beaches of Varadero, Canadian travellers can choose from so many great vacation deals at
For more information, visit To book a vacation, call 1-866-888-1180.

About itravel2000, a leading travel retailer in Canada for over 18 years is a full service travel company providing both live travel experts and online solutions for booking all travel arrangements. Visit us at

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  1. Carlos, you are fortunate to have tenure and an endowed chair that allows you to freely express yourself. However, I am sure that you have become a pariah and an abomination in the hallowed academic ivory towers for honking your tres fotutos.

  2. Yes, the Canadians in question are disgusting and contemptible, but they cannot possibly be expected to understand or feel the matter as if they were Cubans. They can’t even be held to the same standards that apply to Spaniards (regardless of whether Spaniards meet them or not). So what about the Cubans doing effectively the same thing (or worse) as these Canadians, one way or another? What are we to make of THEM? And we’re not talking “cuatro gatos,” are we? There’s the rub.

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