5 Bullets vs. 6 Bullets … It Really Is Just As Simple As That…

Because some people who refuse to abide by laws (including thousands of existing gun laws)…

… other people are targeted by the overreaching powers that be to remove the ability to defend one’s self and change the odds of survival in their favor…

Why size matters in magazine rounds…

And here is something to chew on that I have YET to hear brought up in this debate about removing our guns from our hands. So far the anti-gun movement has placed blame on the inanimate guns, mental illness, mental illness medications, violent entertainment products (video games and movies), and our “bitter clinging” to our Constitutional rights to purchase and possess guns without more laws.

NEVER once has it been brought up how lawyers, some taxpayer provided “public defenders”, (and we all know the political leanings of much of the lawyers in this country) go into court with law-breakers and then commence to plea-down their charges resulting in existing broken gun laws either being reduced or thrown out. Meanwhile, the vast majority of legal gun owners are law-abiding citizens who would never think of using their weapon(s) to break laws … but would use their weapon(s) to preserve their lives and rights.

We haven’t done a thing … except obey the existing laws. And apparently OUR side of this heated debate is far more sane and rational than the gun-controllers’ side. You power-grabbers in Washington D.C. slap us down with MORE laws and it won’t mean a damn thing to someone in the first video, but would result in a different outcome for someone in the second video. How freaking daft does the elected class have to be not to understand this simple fact? Or is it that they do understand it completely?

Do you think the criminal in the first video would have thought twice about robbing and attempting to murder the NYC cab driver if the driver had been permitted to carry a gun?

Do you think the Georgia mother and her twins would have been left untouched, or even alive, upon face-to-face confrontation with the obviously stronger intruder if she had not had a gun in her situation? She did what the “progressive” lawmakers insist we do … Hide. He found her/them. We are talking about people who have no intention of being talked out of their evil ways, or negotiated with. By the way: A medical school classmate of my daughter’s is currently recovering from an armed robbery where she had done everything the liberals insist we do in such situations (cooperate with the criminal) … and he shot her anyway, nearly killing or crippling her.

Finally, an offering from “Bookworm @ Bookworm Room”: “Progressive myopia: Their theories discount what they cannot see”

In it “Bookworm” makes parallels between Bastiat’s “Parable of the Broken Window”

“Stop there! Your theory is confined to that which is seen; it takes no account of that which is not seen.”

And the “progressive” fantasy of gun control…

“Gun control supporters count those who have died; Second Amendment supporters count those who will live.“

Read the whole article.

Stinking Facts of the day: “Honest Americans Bought Enough Guns in November and December to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies”

And why do you imagine that happened?

“Obama to release gun recs as early as Wednesday” -UPDATED: Confirmed



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  1. Am I a sick person? I found myself laughing at the second video in absolute enjoyment. Especially when the husband said, when told there was screaming because his wife was obviously upset, no she is shooting him and he is pleading. That was fun.

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