Castroite exit-visa/passport scam (unwittingly) revealed


From CBS:

In California, Carmen, who asked CBS News not to use her real name because she doesn’t want any problems when she next enters Cuba, is overjoyed with the new rules rolled out by President Raul Castro. Since she left nearly six years ago, Carmen, who has become a U.S. citizen, has had to pay $150 a month to renew her permission to stay abroad and has had to return every 11 months in order not to lose her ownership of a home in Cuba or her other rights as a Cuban citizen.

“Now I can stay abroad for up to 24 months and do not have to pay a monthly charge. Do you realize how much money I’ll save?” she told CBS News. Over five years, she has spent $8,250 in migration fees and approximately another $5,000 in plane fares from L.A. to Havana, she said.

“I’ll now have more money to send back to my family (in Cuba)” Carmen said.

As the sayings go: “Six of one…half-dozen of the other…they get ya coming or ‘goin.”….except now, the Stalinist regime (while raking-in essentially the same lucre via different channels) basks in (extra) media and Cuba “Expert” accolades as gushy humanitarians and “reformers”…




One thought on “Castroite exit-visa/passport scam (unwittingly) revealed

  1. You forgot to add the potentially greater amount she shelled out on money and goods for the relatives, which also winds up aiding Castro, Inc. Basically, ever since she left Cuba, she’s been supporting the regime on a literally monthly basis, which of course is what keeps her relatives on the island in the same situation and keeps her in the same position of being exploited by the system and maintaining those relatives. She’s hardly an unusual case. It’s actually a brilliant racket, and everyone knows it’s a racket, but it makes no difference—people still play/pay along, which is all the regime cares about. Bitching and moaning about it is beyond useless as long as the game keeps being played. And it will only escalate. Castro, Inc. is counting on it. Vamos bien, as usual.

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