Say it ain’t so…

Et tu, Marco?

Sen. Marco Rubio has a long record opposing gun control, but in a Political Connections interview airing today on Bay News 9, the Miami Republican suggests he could support one restriction likely to emerge from Vice President Joe Biden’s task force: universal background checks, so that people buying weapons or high-capacity magazines over the internet or at gun shows could no longer avoid criminal background checks.

“I think you’ll find support for that so long as there’s not a public database that people can look up and see who owns what guns and where they live,” Rubio says in the interview also touching on immigration reform, Crist, the fiscal cliff, Hurricane Sandy relief and Rubio’s presidential ambitions.

I’m glad I’m no longer a registered Republican. It would hurt more than it does…



8 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so…

  1. The Senator better not blink on this issue. What this POTUS and their liberal cohorts (MSM and company) are trying to accomplish with these so called “gun control” measures is not the safety of the American people, but a way to eventually confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens so no one can revolt when they fully implement a new Communist/Marxist/Socialist society on the American people.

    POTUS will bypass the Constitution on this issue and that will bring repercussions to our nation.

    I predict that from now on this current POTUS will bypass the US Constitution on every opportunity he gets knowing very well the GOP establishment lacks the balls to confront and stop his agenda.

    The USA is in huge trouble…God help us all!

  2. Rubio sold out on guns, on immigration, etc. Being of Cuban heritage does not make him purer than the wind driven snow. He is looking out for his career and nothing more. Just like the others.

  3. Well, pototo,

    If Senator Marco Rubio goes that way, I guarantee you that in the future he will not longer gets my vote.

    That simple…

    • I don’t have any issue with background checks. But, in the context of the hysteria from the left on this issue, any concessions to existing law are ill-advised and nothing more than pandering. Don’t forget he voted for the NDAA as well. Disturbing, to say the least. His explanation is weak.

  4. I know, let’s keep on arguing on these minor issues of background checks for gun purchases ad infinitum while our credit rating gets dropped again, the debt ceiling is raised, our economy goes over the fiscal cliff and the country ends up starving and destitute. Lets fail to see that the left causes this hysteria you mention to take away from their shortcomings on other, much more important issues…

  5. Sure, why waste our time on that silly ol 2nd Amendment. After all its all about money and getting people who call themselves Republicans elected. Never mind that they pander and vote like Democrats. Val, this is the reason the GOP had lost countless Conservatives. It’s not about credit, it’s about freedom.

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