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Our favorite “Cuba Expert,” Phil Peters, hedging his bet on the Castro dictatorship’s “migratory reforms.” You know, just in case the Cuban regime is lying about this “reform” just as it has lied about practically everything else over the last five decades.

“The big question is who will and will not receive a passport.  The new law (see Article 23) lists categories of persons residing in Cuba who ‘may not obtain passports…’ […] Given Cuban politics and Cuba’s concern about brain drain, one suspects that dissidents and medical personnel might fit into those categories.”



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  1. Castro, the egotistical and fraudulent sect-leader who exiled and massacred Cuba’s upper and middle class in numbers that surpass two million, is worrying about “brain drain”? I could not hold my laughter back.

    What else is worrying him? Cuba’s economy and its standard of living?

    Granted, this regarding a destructive and useless tyrant who doesn’t even leave a dog house as legacy and who amidst all the destruction, mass exile, and stagnation caused by his tyranny says “this revolution is eternal even if it takes us to the stone age”. Of course, he has Swiss bank accounts, was always a suicidal maniac, and such revolution was a betrayal held at gun point by the scum of Cuba’s society with the help of international accomplices who also made their break crumbs at the expense of the misfortune of the Cuban people.

    What a shameless tool this “expert”. If there is actually something these regimes fear and want to destroy is people with brains, showing to have brains, or developing the use of a brain in any way that is outside their self-serving hateful and egotistical interest.

  2. I understand that observation Asombra, it’s a valid one, but let’s not confuse being utilitarian, and lucky all throughout, with not being suicidal.

    All megalomaniacs like Fidel Castro, Pablo Escobar, Adolf Hitler, etc, are people who put an incredibly high price on their own heads with no care and for no other reason than to please their blinding ego.

    Castro may have kept a distance during actual shootouts but Moncada itself was a suicidal failure bound to put a price on all their heads and it did. What that movement did there, kill national soldiers, was more than a call for attention. It was inflated and delusional madness. Castro got caught for it, and the fact that he was not executed like the rest of those involved was just the result of prominent connections, lack of governmental position, corruption, and luck.

    Batista was aware he was carrying the weight of robbing an election and he just wanted to milk it with charisma, favoritism, and with little internal discontent, specially if it came with a check, the man was all about friendship and had no position (not at that point at least).

    Yet, Castro had no warranty that Batista was going to spare his life. Any other regime would have either executed him despite or thrown the cell key to the ocean and see if the next regime wants to look for it. The entire incident reflected the political circus that was Cuba at the time.

    Fast forward and Castro’s behavior during the Cuban missile crisis was also suicidal and deranged even in the eyes of the Soviets who were truly running that show (as we know).

    The way I see it. There have been many like Castro but none as lucky. Fidel Castro is no fool, far from it, but when your most crucial adversities are unbelievably stupid you will inevitably look like the genius you are not.

  3. Fidel Castro is mentally ill, a megalomaniac-narcissist with a histrionic personality. He’s not “crazy” in the sense of being clinically psychotic and thus non-functional, but he was never normal. I don’t think he ever believed he could fail or go down, because his opinion of himself is so inflated that he feels a kind of invulnerability or “special protection” status. Whatever risks he has taken have not been due to any suicidal tendency, but rather to a sense that he, being the Great Fidel, would manage to come out unscathed, or at least alive–and of course he always made provisions to protect his own hide. In other words, it’s much more a sense of being supra-mortal than a matter of being suicidal.

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