Children of the Revolution

The image of children is a powerful tool in marketing and few acts are more vile and despicable than using them for political propaganda. It is bad enough when a politician kisses a baby for the cameras at a political function, but when they purposely assemble a group of children for the express purpose of using them as props to promote an agenda, the act crosses into the realm of purely despicable propaganda.

Throughout modern history, Marxist tyrants have shown themselves to be the most willing and the most proficient in taking advantage of innocent children and using them political props for their propaganda. Children of the Revolution, as they like to call them. To these tyrants, children are nothing more than a commodity they own, like their parents, and it is perfectly acceptable to do with them as they please.

INFOWARS published a post yesterday documenting the Marxist proclivity for using children as political tools for propaganda. Here are a few examples: Stalin – USSR
Fidel Castro – Cuba
Mao Zedong – China

And last but not least (or perhaps least, depending on who you’re talking to): Obama – U.S.A.

Is the inclusion of President Obama on this list of propagandists a wild stretch or unfair? Well, consider the facts and judge for yourself.



8 thoughts on “Children of the Revolution

  1. Alberto, you’re such a paranoid, intransigent character, you see commies everywhere, lol…

    All kidding aside that’s to be expected from someone who’s mentors were radical Commies/Marxists/Socialists (and in the case of Mr. Bill Ayers), domestic terrorists.

    Oh well, to think that we have to put up with another four years of this bullshit is beyond me…

    God knows how bumpy this ride will get, strap the seat belts and hold on to the barf bag…

  2. Because Stalin, Fidel and Mao loved children SO much. Not to mention their parents. The 100 million dead due to communism are just, you know, a statistic.

  3. It seems to me, that the Cuban children wearing “fidel” beards, is somehow a more personal, more deviant, more personally intrusive and repellant image that that of the other posters.

  4. Ziva, I think that photo was taken in NYC during a visit in the early days, meaning those are American kids. This “photo-op” was obviously staged by adults, probably newspaper people, using kids for what amounts to propaganda. Note the adult useful idiot in the corner, the stupid old biddy.

  5. Sorry Asombra, I’ve been mostly offline all week. Looking at the photo, I realized it didn’t look like it was taken in Cuba. You are right, and the boy in front is castro’s son.

    It’s tagged: Fidel Castro meets with school children, 1959
    Fidel Castro has his beard touched during a visit to his hotel by youngsters who attended a Queens school with his son. The boy was secretly living here while his father led the Cuban revolution. The kids are (l. to r.): Gene Wolf, Kathy Johnston, Kathy Tableman, David Friedlander, Karen Leland and Robert Boyle on April 24, 1959.

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