Oliver Stone and the Cuban Missle Crisis: It was the Soviets that saved the world from nuclear holocaust

If it were not for revisionist history, one wonders if liberals such as Oliver Stone would have anything to talk about.

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The Cuban Missile Crisis: World Saved by the Soviets, Says Oliver Stone

Perhaps at one time Oliver Stone was considered a great director. If that was the case, it ceased to be true after such doozies such as “Alexander,” “World Trade Center,” and even “Savages” (which looked like a Michael Bay film sans explosions). At any rate, he has now become a documentarian, pursuing a Howard Zinn-type bash-America series called “The Untold History of the United States.” (It should be obvious that the reason it is “untold” is that it’s pure fiction.) Predictably, the series applies a far-left spin to history, and it is here where Stone is at his most clever, because he uses just enough truth to convince people to buy his counterfeit depiction of America’s past.

In Episode 6, “JFK to the Brink,” Stone has a difficult problem: he had to make JFK and Khrushchev both look good after first portraying Kennedy as, for the most part, a war monger. Astoundingly—but not surprisingly—Stone paints as the hero of the Cuban Missile Crisis a KGB agent stationed on a Soviet sub who convinced the captain not to fire his missiles while being depth charged by the Americans. Anyone who knows the first thing about submarines understands that to fire missiles a sub has to ascend to within 100 feet of the surface (or a missile will not clear its tube) and if it gets that close it is fully visible to anti-submarine warfare sonars and aircraft. In short, the captain didn’t ascend to launch because he would have been sunk before he got a single missile launched.


Standing center stage of the one-hour program is the Cuban Missile Crisis. Contrary to Stone, the “Cubans” did not have tactical nuclear weapons, but rather the Russians had stationed tactical nuclear weapons there. While the risk was still extreme, the Soviets not only kept the weapons secret, but carefully secured them from the Cubans. Nevertheless, the entire Missile Crisis episode is riddled with errors. A B-52 is shown while Stone’s narrative discusses a U-2 spy plane. Stone’s claim that JFK was reversing course in Cuba completely ignores the fact that his brother, Bobby, was running a plan with the CIA and Juan Almeida, the commander of Cuba’s army, to assassinate Castro. This was, it is argued by Lamar Waldron, the reason Bobby’s hands were tied in the Kennedy assassination investigation—it would have exposed his, and his brother’s, coup attempts in process at the moment Kennedy was killed (see Waldron, Legacy of Secrecy, 2009). Indeed, JFK had no change of heart regarding Cuba. He only wanted the coup to be clean, and without American fingerprints. Stone cites Operation Mongoose—which Kennedy approved—as a comical attempt to kill Castro, but never mentions the Almeida coup plans.

In Stone’s analysis, the erection of the Berlin Wall prevented war, and he quoted Kennedy, “better a wall than a war.” Of course, there didn’t have to be either. Throughout, Khrushchev appears insightful, heroic, and steadfast while Kennedy is confused, inconsistent, and entirely maneuvered by the Soviets. A nuclear holocaust was averted, Stone claimed, when an American destroyer was depth-charging a Soviet strategic missile sub, and even thought the captain wanted to follow his orders and launch his missiles, a wise and compassionate KGB agent on board persuaded him not to fire.

Read the entire deconstruction of Stone’s faux history documentary HERE.



2 thoughts on “Oliver Stone and the Cuban Missle Crisis: It was the Soviets that saved the world from nuclear holocaust

  1. Sad, isn’t it? People will see this then spread the lies and distortions believing they are true. A communist propaganda arm couldn’t achieve better results.

    We left Cuba in the early 60’s and already the new government sanctioned textbooks mentioned how the US was trying to thwart Cuba’s independence…and which country helped Cuba achieve independence? Well, that would be Russia of course. Russia came to Cuba’s rescue. I don’t know if later the texts reverted to a more accurate level, but that was early, vintage Castrolandia…

  2. Stone is a Hollywood version of Eric Holder and, like Holder, will push it every bit as far as he can get away with. These sorts of lowlife are always around, like all manner of vermin, and there’s no point expecting them to behave as anything other than what they are. The real issue, and the real problem, is when they get enough support and enough leverage to do harm on a large scale, and that is much more the fault of their enablers than their own. The same thing, in principle, applies to Fidel Castro.

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