Hypocrisy? (or Schizophrenia?) (or Castromania?)

Last year France and the U.S. helped Libyan rebels overthrow Libya’s sovereign government and the world–including most enlightened opinion–cheered!

Now France helps Mali’s army crush rebels trying to overthrow Mali’s sovereign government and again the world–including most enlightened opinion–cheers!


But in 1957-58 Cuba’s army tried crushing rebels trying to overthrow Cuba’s sovereign government the entire world –especially all enlightened opinion–had a massive tantrum (pataleta). This umbrage and outrage prompted the U.S. to embargo weapons to Cuba’s sovereign government–including many that had already paid for.

A couple years later Cuban rebels tried overthrowing Cuba’s unelected government and again the world–especially enlightened opinion–had a giant tantrum (pataleta). This umbrage and outrage prompted the U.S. to pledge –not only to disarm these rebels–but to prevent any other sovereign nation from arming them.


Absolutely Un-‘Freakin Real….


Looks like the Brazilians and Portuguese titled the book perfectly. It ain’t just Hollywood…..