No surprise: Venenozuela in the grip of foreign agents


The Venezuelan Hydra

In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a formidable reptilian beast. It not only had multiple heads –more heads than could fit in any artistic representation — but also possessed the ability to grow two heads for every head that was cut off. Its very breath could kill you, and so could its blood. Even its tracks could kill you. Throughout Western history, the Hydra has represented complex challenges. It has also served as a metaphor for entities that pose multiple threats. In the twelfth century, for instance, when St. Bernard of Clairvaux searched for a description of his adversary, the troubled eunuch-theologian Peter Abelard, he could think of no more apt insult than to call him a “Hydra of wickedness.”

Long preface, yes, but useful. Ancient mythology had a way of dealing with the realities of the world that bypassed linear logic and went straight to that part of the brain that recognizes what is true immediately, at the deepest level of consciousness.

So, here is the truth of the day: Hugo Chavez has created a Hydra in Venenozuela. And its multiple heads will be as difficult to cut off as those of the mythical beast.

According to a report just published by Analysis 24, a Spanish-language news outlet for strategic information, Venenozuela has been overrun not just by agents from Castrolandia, but also from Belarus. The Cuban “advisors” have numerous specialties: military, intelligence, security. The Belorussians come straight from the unreformed KGB in that former Soviet Republic, which human rights organizations have denounced as “the last true remaining dictatorship in the heart of Europe.”

Venenozuela’s ties to Belorussia are deep, and flow in both directions. In addition to hosting Belorussian agents on Venezuelan soil, Chavez has set up a program in Belorussia where cadets from Venezuela are trained in the arts of war, espionage, and repression, Soviet-style.

Hugo Chavez pays a visit to Venenozuelan cadets at Belorussian military academy
Hugo Chavez pays a visit to Venenozuelan cadets at Belorussian military academy

This is not all. Venenozuela’s Belorussian enterprise gives it a strong and direct link to Iran and radical Islamic organizations — links that remains largely invisible to the outside world. This includes the transfer of funds from the Bolivarian dictatorship to the terrorist enterprises concocted in Teheran and other locations.

The article in Analysis 24 contains many specific details, including the names of some of these agents. You can find it HERE.


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