Richard Blanco–not “Blanco” at all, in fact: “A Person of Color”

From south Florida’s PBS affiliate WLRN:

In in a heady achievement announced late last year, Blanco received a prestigious “Beyond Margins Award” from PEN, the international writers’ organization, in recognition of his work. Some 130 books of poetry by writers of color were nominated for the 2006 awards; Blanco’s second book of poetry, Directions to the Beach of the Dead, published in 2005, was one of five winners.

Three “people of color!”

We look forward to seeing many media interviews with Richard’s proud Cuban-exile mom on this issue.




5 thoughts on “Richard Blanco–not “Blanco” at all, in fact: “A Person of Color”

  1. Goofy looking dumbass, with the perfect douchebag sidekick, Joe Garcia. Beach of the Dead? Yea, perfect place for the both of them.

  2. Richard Blanco is being showcased by the Obama administration because he represents lefties values and is against the traditional Cuban-American exile block that is so anti-Communist and anti-Obama (and the Democratic left) in essence.

    Joe Garcia is part of that block, the Obama administration is working its best to neutralize us because it knows very well we don’t buy their snake oil.

    The Castro brothers must be delighted that their master plan has finally worked after fifty four years. Now they have Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ready to implement their agenda.

    Mariela Castro wasn’t kidding you when she stated that she wanted President Obama reelected.

    The next four years promise to very very painful for us all as we’re going to witness the great lengths this current POTUS will go to implement his Communist agenda for America.

    Reestablishment of full diplomatic relations with the Castro tyranny will be one of the many steps this current POTUS will take during that time, so be mentally prepared for it.

    I can hope that the traditional Cuban-American exile block and our GOP Senators and Congresswoman have strong courage to stand up to the Obama administration when that time arrives.

    I say this because their counterparts in the Democratic Party will back Obama when push comes to shove.

  3. The problem is that radicalized chicano “intellectuals” from out west have utterly dominated and taken over the debate on what it means to be as they term it “Latino.” In their politicized and bizare world, all Spanish speaking people are “Latinos,” not Hispanics [too European]. Even though the original “Latinos” were the Romans and their descendants Italians are therefore more “Latino” than anyone else, Italians don’t qualify as “Latinos,” to them. In fact, many of these angry and politicized chicanos don’t even consider Spaniards “Latinos,” because they’re still traumatized and angry about Cortez and therefore hate and reject Spain. Little does it matter that they would not be here without Cortez, since most of them [regardless of their Indian ancestry] have more Spanish blood than Aztec blood. At this junction, let me sidetrack and point out that the Mexicans inside Mexico are quite different. I have been to Mexico and many of them are very Eurocentric. In any case, back to the issue at hand, these chicanos via think tanks, via legislation [I forget the name of the Chicano congressman who back in the 1970’s who successfully petitioned the government to use the world “Hispanic” in place of nationality–that was the beginning, Hispanic would eventually be replaced with “latino”], brown-power protests by groups like Atzlan, MALDEF,and National Council of la Raza, have successfully turned all Spanish speaking people into non-whites. Unfortunately, the liberal American press and Hollywood [Norman Lear, anyone?] jumped on the bandwagon and before you knew it, anyone born in Latin America was considered non-white. Even someone as obviously ibero-celt like Richard Blanco who is undoubtedly of Galician or Asturian ancestry is non-white. It’s gotten so bad that these idiots are now even rewriting history. To them, Desi was a person of color and his marriage to Lucy was therefore an interracial marriage. Little does it matter that this would have been impossible in 1950’s segregated America. But it gets even worst. Look at this database on famous people–the NNDB Database:

    Look at how they categorize Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz’s race: HISPANIC as opposed to say, Al Apacino who is simplely WHITE. So at present in the United States even Spaniards are not regarded as white. I guess that Spain is the only non-white European country in the world.

    Antonio Banderas
    AKA Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera

    Born: 10-Aug-1960
    Birthplace: Malaga, Spain

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Race or Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Actor
    Nationality: Spain
    Executive summary: Zorro

    Penelope Cruz
    AKA Penélope Cruz Sánchez

    Born: 28-Apr-1974
    Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

    Gender: Female
    Religion: Buddhist [1]
    Race or Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Actor
    Nationality: Spain
    Executive summary: Woman On Top

    Al Pacino
    AKA Alfredo James Pacino

    Born: 25-Apr-1940
    Birthplace: East Harlem, New York City

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Actor

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: Michael Corleone in The Godfather

  4. This gets better and better. If he accepted not only the nomination but also the award as a person of color, then either he is one (though he does not appear to be) or he misrepresented himself, which would be, uh, fraud. However, fraud is such a bourgeois concept, isn’t it? Besides, from some perspectives, ALL Cubans are persons of color, including Marco Rubio. So really, there’s no problem. Now move along and try to be good little Cubans, like Mr. Blanco.

    And of course, the inevitable Goldilocks García connection is just, well, perfect, in its way. Still, that middle picture is a bit worrisome. Some would say Mr. Blanco looks rather dorky in it, which is hardly a credit to his sexual orientation. Of course, Goldilocks doesn’t look any better, but he’s supposed to look dubious–and boy, does he ever.

    So where’s our Cretina, I wonder? Surely she wants a piece of this action, too (though I’m not sure she’s ready to be considered a person of color). But anyhow, as long as everybody’s “Latino,” it’s all good.

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