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Today’s quote of the day comes from Arturo Lopez-Levy (AKA Lopez-Callejas), a member of the Castro family and suspected former intelligence officer of the Castro dictatorship who now in his role as “sensible Cuban American,” is a rabid defender and propagandist for the Cuban regime here in the U.S. Upon learning that USAID’s Cuba program consults Babalú for news on Cuba, the would-be scholar embarks on a breathless ad hominem rant aimed at Babalú.

In all honesty, there are few things in this world as pleasurable as watching a Castro operative perder la tabla. It means we must be doing our job quite well.

“At the head of a list of go-to-sources of information on Cuba, the program recommended Babalu blog, an irrelevant website managed by rabid pro-embargo elements. Babalu blog is not focus [sic] on Cuba but on spreading baseless accusations and insults against Obama and his administration’s policy towards Cuba. According to one of the less insulting posts, Obama is a “Marxist tyrant” along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry and any Cuban-American or American who disagrees with Babalu Blog writers’ McCarthyism. The fact that USAID Cuba program recommends Babalu Blog as a reliable source of information is in itself a call for closing the program until some adult guidance is guaranteed.”



11 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Wow! Lopez-Levy-Callejas can’t get enough of this “irrelevant website”. His scorn is proof of its relevancy. Happy 10 years!

  2. See how Lopez-Levy calls Babalu Blog “irrelevant”.

    If Babalu was so “irrelevant” why he chooses to attack it in such strong terms?

    If one thing I ever learned in life is that when your enemies choose to attack you in such strong terms is because they fear you.

    If you read more at Lopez-Levy site you’ll get a hint of his intentions and where his loyalties lye.

    Given his background I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taking orders from Havana…

  3. Alberto, it’s a name I came up with a few years ago, while trying to describe pro-Castro exiles (infiltrados) to a non Cuban friend a few years back. Please feel free to use it anytime you would like. You can’t be a come mierda without CACA!

  4. “And what makes this prat so “relevant?”

    Because he probably takes his orders from Havana, jsb.

    We have quite a few of those characters here in South FL these days…

  5. Well, he does follow the script: “Irrelevant,” check. “Rabid,” check. “McCarthyism,” triple check. Imaginative and creative he isn’t. Sadly, he IS Cuban.

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