Richard Blanco’s “Confusion.”


From Richard Blanco:

“(according to the Cuban exile community) Castro…destroyed the paradise that was Cuba. Yet my high school history teacher portrayed pre-revolutionary Cuba as a destitute country full of corruption, and praised Castro for his social reforms, quoting statistic in support of dramatic improvements in health care, literary, and education; and many intellectuals I met in college glorified post-revolutionary Cuba as a model society. Who was telling the truth? Which was the “real” Cuba? Who got the story “right?”

Blanco remains ambivalent.

In fact most of us probably hear this kinda stuff often from our non-Cuban acquaintances, where it belongs, where it often annoys but seems understandable. But how can somebody with Richard Blanco’s background NOT know the answer? The guy (or guy-ette or whatever…) is an engineer for heaven’s sake. This isn’t a matter of opinions or “feelings.” Just as he learned the hard and fast rules of engineering. The hard and fast facts and figures on pre-Castro Cuba are out there in abundance. And these facts and figures on 1950’s non-totalitarian Cuba were reported to the World Bank, UN, etc. by independent professionals who were overwhelmingly anti-Batista, as explained by economist Julio Alvarado of Cuba’s National Bank.

The figures which Blanco’s High-School and College professors recited were concocted and issued by apparatchiks of a Stalinist regime and published by the regime’s propaganda bureau. Shouldn’t an engineer plumb the difference? And shouldn’t any normal person start by giving more credence to the version given by his (non-estranged) family with their first-hand experience on the issue–over that of the Castro-smitten flakes and goofballs who tried teaching him (and most of us) in high school and College?

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin Real.



9 thoughts on “Richard Blanco’s “Confusion.”

  1. Oh, it’s real, alright. It’s absolutely classic, in its way. I just hope he’s truly confused, which is bad enough, as opposed to deliberately and calculatingly “ambivalent” for marketing purposes (and yes, that IS marketable).

  2. It would appear he’s never heard of leftist bias and distortion or seriously considered the possibility of their existence. Astonishing, to say the least, but again, all too real.

  3. But yes, we ARE overreacting, taking the bait, and making much ado about not much. It’s perfectly understandable, and maybe inevitable, but it feels like a set-up, again (though it may just be that familiarity breeds contempt, so to speak). One grows so weary of these lamentable incidents. Perhaps we should take Hillary Clinton’s tack: “What difference does it make?” Or perhaps not.

  4. I went to the same high school as Blanco and there is only one history teacher in that school that would have said anything of that nature – Mrs. Husted. She was a Cuban-American hating, communist sympathizing, unapologetic, unreconstructed leftist. Please remember – I am the type of guys who usually knocks Babablu for being too far to the right. That should give you an idea how far down the dial this woman was. Anyone who couldn’t figure this woman out had to be a simpleton or a dolt. Don’t even get me started on the “intellectuals” he met at FIU. My apologies for my UM arrogance but to the best of my knowledge I am not aware of intellectuals asking for directions to Westchester….once again, my apologies but Blanco made me do it.

  5. No apologies needed,

    Looks like Mrs. Husted groomed Mr. Blanco very well on how to betray and shit on his own.

    For the last few years it has become obvious that FIU is full of lefty, pro-Castro characters and spies for the tyranny.

    I fully enjoyed UM last night game against Duke. It brought sweet memories of the football team old days.

  6. It was like the days of old at the OB – the closest it will ever get. Still don’t have my voice back. I was lucky to avoid Husted (wasn’t easy) but even as a 15 year old I knew she was full of it. We had another rabid lefty who loved the Sandinistas, liberation theology and the nuclear freeze but he taught religion and he never mentioned Cuba. Overall Columbus was very open and teachers didn’t rip you on your beliefs even if most leaned left – I did a book report on a work by Nixon despite the fact my teacher hated him and I still got the A. The only one who punished you for your views was Husted. I think she was an atheist also so I’m sure she isn’t Resting in Peace.

  7. It’s startling that this Blanco character can put such little stock in the first-hand experiences he heard at home from his family members and friends. Can you imagine an Afro-American trivilizing the stories told to him by grandparents that lived in segregated Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia? Can you imagine a Jew ridiculing the stories of progroms and Nazi persecution told to him by a still living great grandfather or mother? Can you imagine a Chilean pondering whether his parents who left Pinochet’s Chile were telling the truth as opposed to a high school teacher who admired Pinochet?

    You couldn’t even imagine that because such a character would be totally marginalized, and would be considered sinister, out-of-touch and downright warped. Such a character would never be allowed to recite at an inaguration, much less be associated in any way–no matter how minor–by the White House.

    But of course, we are talking about “those people.”

  8. Ray, let’s be realistic here. How marketable is poetry as such these days, regardless of quality? How many currently active professional poets are well-known, let alone household names, among the general public? How is a forty-something poet of very recent vintage that practically nobody has ever heard of going to get the kind of national exposure and attention this guy has gotten out of this inaugural gig? Unless he’s REALLY dense and/or delusional, he should have realized that his selection was largely if not entirely a political move, and that he was expected to dance with the one that brung him, as the saying goes. So he danced, and I expect he’ll keep dancing, assuming the requisite music keeps playing. I’m not saying he’s being dishonest, necessarily–he may actually love dancing to such music. It is what it is. As I’ve said, shit happens.

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