Gun-Grabbin’ is Hard Work

A fly lands on the head of U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

Thou shalt not oppose me…

Imposing socialism and/or communism apparently ain’t easy for the almighty. He has decided that while going after our Second Amendment right he must head-off and intimidate an already RINO-fied GOP in the US Congress that are, at present anyway, making it too difficult for him…

President Obama is suggesting that House Republicans on the issue of gun control appear neither willing to work with him nor listen to the American public on the issue.

“The House Republican majority is made up mostly of members who are in sharply gerrymandered districts that are very safely Republican and may not feel compelled to pay attention to broad-based public opinion, because what they’re really concerned about is the opinions of their specific Republican constituencies,” the president said in an interview with The New Republic.

Obama also said he can get 50 percent of public support for many of his upcoming initiatives, but “I can’t get enough votes out of the House of Representatives to actually get something passed. … I think there is still shock on the part of some in the party that I won re-election.”

The president said he has a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that date back for generations.

He said that moving forward on the topic means understanding that the realities of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas.

He said it’s understandable that people are protective of their family traditions when it comes to hunting so “gun-control advocates also need to do “a little more listening than they do sometimes” in the debate.

Yeah, you “bitter-clingers”… For the last time, it is NOT about sports and hunting. And what don’t you understand about “Shall not be infringed”? That 50% public support on anything he plans on doing, particularly gun control, is crap, and continued polling shows it as such. So, according to Obama the GOP is being bullied into sticking with conservative principles…

Obama also said one of the biggest factors in the gun-control debate will be how it is shaped by the media.

“If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it,” he said. “I think John Boehner genuinely wanted to get a deal done, but it was hard to do in part because his caucus is more conservative probably than most Republican leaders are, and partly because he is vulnerable to attack for compromising Republican principles and working with Obama.”

The president argued that “the more left-leaning media outlets recognize that compromise is not a dirty word” and that party leaders, including Senate Majority Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are “willing to buck the more absolutist-wing elements in our party to try to get stuff done.”

Well, yeah, if he is going after the Second Amendment, why not the First Amendment? Yet, he neglects to understand, or dares to point out, his own democrats are not supporting Dianne Feinstein’s weapons ban law proposal.

Meanwhile, the NRA continues to be demonized by the armed-guarded and rich democrats

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Sunday called the Newtown school shooting an “epiphany” and the National Rifle Association “venal” [motivated by susceptibility to bribery -ed.] in explaining the motivation behind the assault weapon ban she’s introduced in the Senate.

“This is the hardest of the hard,” Feinstein said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “You reach a point where enough is enough.”

The chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said the NRA’S influence on Capitol Hill should not hold Congress back in passing the bill.

“I can see the NRA is venal. The NRA has become an institution of gun manufacturers” she said.

And Hollywood-types

“One only wishes Wayne LaPierre and his NRA board of directors could be drafted to some of these [violent] scenes, where they would be required to put on booties and rubber gloves and help clean up the blood, the brains, and the chunks of intestine still containing the poor wads of half-digested food that were some innocent bystander’s last meal.”

So wrote horror writer Stephen King in a Kindle essay Friday entitled “Guns.”

“[P]lenty of gun advocates cling to their semi-automatics the way Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson clung to the shit that was killing them,” King wrote in his 25-page essay.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of hypocrisy in King’s piece noting “to claim that America’s ‘culture of violence’ is responsible for school shootings is tantamount to cigarette company executives declaring that environmental pollution is the chief cause of cancer.”

“It took more than one slim novel to cause [these teenagers] to do what they did,” King said.

Why, it’s just that simple, you addicted fools and idiots over at the NRA. However, King’s current diatribes directly contradict what he has said in the past, and some other uncomfortable facts…

In 1977, under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, King published “Rage,” a book about a Maine high school senior who kills his algebra teacher and holds the class hostage.

In subsequent years, numerous school murders occurred around the country with the assailants saying they had gotten the idea directly or loosely from “Rage.”

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“How could it come to this? An army of rabble. Peasants. Everything will change. Everything has changed.” – General Charles Cornwallis, “The Patriot”



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