6 thoughts on “Photo of the day – Democracy shakes hands with tyranny

  1. Piñera looks like he’s going through the motions and not too pleased to be posing with Ratso. Compare this photo to earlier ones of Castro II with the Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos or the Vatican’s Secretary of State, the odious Cardinal Bertone, whose grotesque ear-to-ear smile while fraternizing with this godless murderer was beyond obscene. Not defending Piñera here, but I’ve seen much worse.

  2. Ja-ja, our family used to call Raul garbanzo face. Sure looks like it in that picture. And as asombra says, Pinero doesn’t look too happy-some garbanzo indigestion, maybe?

  3. If I was just going through the motions I would not even give the smallest smile possible. Homey don’t play that, but these are different types of clowns. All of them are ambivalent and miserable c%ck suckers and that’s why we still are where we are.

    Chile of all places was on the verge of death do to Castro and communist infiltration. That nation owes its present first-world reality to Pinochet, something not just said by economists, and people with brains, but by ex-KGB agents ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nZHRgTskEhE ) who defected during those years and knew damn well what the Soviet intentions with Chile, through Cuba, were. Are we to think a Pinochet would have even received that communist faggot in Chile?

    That said, that mass-criminal, blabbering, fraudulent, economically insignificant, moribund degenerate, and piece of shit, who will be in the pages of Cuban history as nothing but utter shit, should not even be permitted to enter Chile all to shamelessly get recognition and attention in a prosperous and free nation he once tried to betray, slave, pimp, and destroy.

    There are simply no cojones, values, position, dignity, nothing…

  4. Ditto Gallardo,

    Latrine American is (Sebastian Piñera), Latrine American does.

    I don’t have an ounce of faith in any of these characters South of the Border…

  5. Even in Chile, the “right” is defensive and nervous about not being the left. Piñera is a politician, and he’s thinking and acting politically. Expecting our “brothers” to flatly reject Castro, Inc. is a pipedream.

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