“People to People” Student trips to Cuba= (KGB-trained apparatchik to air-headed students via their Pinko professor)


Univ. of Wisconsin student posing during recent “People to People” educational tour of Stalinist Cuba


Univ. of Wisconsin students near Baracoa Cuba (I SWEAR I did not in any way photoshop their faces to accentuate a look of utter stupidity)

Univ. of Wisconsin/Parkside professor Maria Martinez has been welcomed by Cuba’s Stalinist regime 15 times in recent years.

From her latest trip:

“People farm organically with very little mechanization because of the embargo.”

From one of her pet students:

“Knowing U.S. and Cuban relations, I expected them to not like us but I remember people saying, ‘We like you. It’s your government we don’t like,’ ” said Ryan Ridley, a 22-year-old Parkside senior.,

From the University newspaper:

University of Wisconsin-Parkside English Professor Maria Martinez plans to take another group of students to Cuba this summer for a service and learning trip. Trips in the past have focused on biodiversity, sustainable development, ecology, cultural anthropology, and effects of the 50-year embargo that has kept Cuba from trading with many other nations.

“We engage in ‘people-to-people diplomacy’ and have long-standing relationships with key cultural, civic, and service groups rather than commercial tourist groups. Our itinerary includes walking tours, lectures and workshops led by respected (Cuban) scholars, including the city’s historian

The embargo has forced Cubans to look to other resources for sustainability; their farming is done largely without pesticides or petrol, and a very common mode of public transportation is horse-drawn carriages. It is hard for Cubans to get manufactured goods and medicines, but their quality of life indicators are very high.

OFAC (U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control) application for academic “People to People” trips to Cuba:

Purpose of visit:

So that U.S.students can be relentlessly indoctrinated by apparatchiks of a totalitarian regime that jailed political prisoners at higher rate than Stalin’s, murdered more of them than pre-war Hitler’s, and craved to nuke their homeland and incinerate all their parents and grandparents.

Question: Can you show proof that you will be constantly escorted by these tutorial Stalinist apparatchiks of a murderous totalitarian regime?

Answer: OF COURSE!

Can you show proof that your students are utterly lacking in independent though processes such as might prompt them to question the KGB-mentored indoctrination?

Answer: CERTAINLY! My students swallow even MY lectures in one gulp–then rub their tummies with utmost satisfaction!
OFAC official: “Your license will be mailed post-haste….Von Voyage! Have a Great trip!”

“Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are the most effective propaganda” (Soviet KGB, May, 20, 1981)




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  1. I am impressed! I can tell that the young woman in the upper photo is a real feminist revolutionary from her headgear!

  2. Oooh, it’s so rad, so exotic, so third-world and shit. Great stuff for Facebook, or whatever. Slumming is so cool, especially in a glamorous revolutionary fantasy island. Gotta see and do it before it becomes just another boring democracy. Of course they love it. They’re cretins, the stupid schmucks.

  3. Miss Dairy Maid in the beret is very, uh, plus-sized, very whitebread and very well-scrubbed. I mean, the hip fashionista crowd would just die, OK? She’s just the sort that would jump at the chance to, you know, sharpen her image, and this kind of photo-op must have seemed just the ticket. Of course, maybe she’s just a very vacant lot, so to speak. Pathetic.

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