Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses Immigration Reform on Limbaugh – UPDATED

Sen. Marco Rubio is making the rounds on TV and radio to discuss his part in the Senate’s immigration reform, just as illegal immigration is on the rise again. I did hear him on Limbaugh this afternoon and he sounds as if he is being very levelheaded and focused. We can debate the details, and the always misplaced trust the republicans put in the democrats keeping their word on these bipartisan deals that always end up being not only one-sided but lopsided, but something needs done, and Rubio is willing to give it a serious try.

Audio of Sen. Rubio’s interview on the Rush Limbaugh radio program today:

Not to be outdone or up-staged, Obama went to Las Vegas today, against the wishes of his own democrats working on the Gang of 8 bill, to push his own memes over immigration in front of a gathering of unions. Whatever happens, Obama wants full credit for any immigration plan. Whatever happens, the unions want those workers. Whatever happens, the democrats want those future votes embedded in cement.

Sen. Rubio was understandably miffed about some “bidding war” being set-up by Obama…

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Senator Rubio Comments On President’s Immigration Speech

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s immigration speech earlier today:

“I am concerned by the President’s unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers before current undocumented immigrants can apply for a green card. Without such triggers in place, enforcement systems will never be implemented and we will be back in just a few years dealing with millions of new undocumented people in our country. Furthermore, the President ignored the need for a modernized guest worker program that will ensure those who want to immigrate legally to meet our economy’s needs can do so in the future. Finally, the President’s speech left the impression that he believes reforming immigration quickly is more important than reforming immigration right. A reform of our immigration laws is a consequential undertaking that deserves to be subjected to scrutiny and input from all involved. I was encouraged by the President’s explicit statement that people with temporary legal status won’t be eligible for ObamaCare. If in fact they were, the potential cost of reform would blow open another big, gaping hole in our federal budget and make the bill untenable.”

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