The Shakedown in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel

Less than a week ago Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel proved he is a Chicago thug politician in the truest sense. He began a lean on the banks in Chicago. Not a lean in the sense that you might see on a home that is in the rears on mortgage or taxes. Not that sort of lean. No, the sort of lean you see in gangster movies. The old, ‘Nice bank you have there. Would be a shame to see you lose most your business because your doing business with people I don’t want you doing business with.’ THAT kind of lean. Who are the people Emanuel wants Chicago banks to stop doing business with? Gun manufacturers who have done absolutely nothing illegal in their factories, or in their businesses and banking transactions. Not one illegal thing.

And now Rahm Emanuel has set his strong-arm on mutual funds in the form of a letter. He is demanding they “blacklist” gun manufacturers that are opposing the current political push for gun control in the country.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today announced that he is asking several mutual funds to divest and blacklist any gun manufacturers that oppose commonsense gun reforms. The Mayor’s letters sent to the mutual funds today come on the heels of his request last week to commercial banks asking them to stop providing financial services to gun companies that stand in the way of reform.

“Just like the banks and pension funds, I believe that these Mutual Funds can exert an enormous amount of influence by taking a stand against gun manufacturers that continue to refuse to support commonsense reforms like required background checks and an assault weapons ban. The time is now for everyone to do anything they can to stop these military-style guns and magazines from ending up on the street and putting families, children and police officers at risk,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This has to be about doing what is morally right and not what is financially beneficial to their bottom lines.”

Mayor Emanuel is sending a letter today to the chief executives of Allianz, BlackRock, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, James Investment Research and Capital World Investments. All of the funds own stock of gun manufacturers who are actively lobbying against safety reforms. The mayor is asking the mutual funds to divest from these companies until they support these reforms.

The Mayor’s latest request complements other actions he has recently taken, including encouraging city leaders from the across country to divest from companies that manufacture or sell assault weapons. Mayor Emanuel has also introduced an ordinance to strengthen Chicago’s gun laws and is supporting state and federal safety legislation.

Read the whole thing, including a copy of said letter at the link.

I guess this is a whole lot easier than actually going out and grabbing, prosecuting, and punishing the criminals committing all the murders in the city to the fullest extent of Chicago’s already standing strictest gun laws in the nation.

I am seeing the parents of this gunned down beautiful teen girl, Hadiya Pendleton, in Chicago (who had performed at the inauguration) and I just cannot understand how they are so calm and even casual. I am not saying they don’t feel the crushing loss. I am not saying they haven’t, and don’t, cry their eyes out off camera. Lord knows I would be an immovable mass of cells in a drowning puddle of tears on the floor, my soul dying with every breath I gasped were it any one of my children.

But perhaps, what we are observing with family members of those innocents killed in Chicago, is the survival instinct of numbness that those poor helpless families have developed over all this time of living in that killing field. While we always reach for and like to point out Chicago as being the nation’s major failure at piling on the country’s strictest gun control laws, we must NEVER lose sight of the fact that many of those killed are not gang-bangers who are willing to die for their useless ’cause’ in the streets, but innocent people who just were living their lives in their hometown.

God help the people of Chicago. They are at war and do not realize it. And they are at a horrible disadvantage with the enemy within. They are not permitted to protect and defend themselves or their families.



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