Panic in the green chapel


It’s a bad day for the nascent religion of Greenness and Anthropophobia.

First, Al Gore sells his network to oil-rich magnates, now this….  a truly inconvenient truth.

The whole man-made global warming scam is proving to be not much different from the much older Castro-was-great-for-Cuba-scam.

Now, if only the press would start reporting the truth about the older scam….

Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

The Earth has been getting warmer — but how much of that heat is due to greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural causes?

A leaked report by a United Nations’ group dedicated to climate studies says that heat from the sun may play a larger role than previously thought.

“[Results] do suggest the possibility of a much larger impact of solar variations on the stratosphere than previously thought, and some studies have suggested that this may lead to significant regional impacts on climate,” reads a draft copy of a major, upcoming report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The man who leaked the report, StopGreenSuicide blogger Alec Rawls, told that the U.N.’s statements on solar activity were his main motivation for leaking the document.

“The public needs to know now how the main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself,” Rawls wrote on his website in December, when he first leaked the report.

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7 thoughts on “Panic in the green chapel

  1. This was absolutely hilarious to listen to. Was that you, George saying tough shit to Gore because he didn’t like that ex that you called him?
    Gore tries to be funny and says funny things but they don’t come off as funny.
    So it’s okay to eat meat because he likes to eat meat. So I guess now it’s okay to like Islamists who represent and do propaganda for oil producers because he just got a ton of money from them. What a farce he is.
    But, guys, you never gave him the chance to make his important point about feces and I’m all discombobulated because I don’t know what it was going to be.
    It’s hard to believe that this guy almost was our president and most of my liberal friends went haywire when he didn’t win and remain extremely angry since that 2000 election. What would they make of him if they could hear this audio?

  2. Thank you Val. Usually I prefer civility, but here it would just not fit. And Gore’s recent choice makes me especially happy with the incivility. How he must have hated you. Excellent.

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