French ‘Spider-Man’ to scale Fidel’s personal hotel in Cuba

A French daredevil, Alain Robert, who has dubbed himself “Spider-Man” for his notorious scaling of skyscrapers throughout the world, is in Havana to perform his latest feat: Scaling Fidel’s personal hotel.

What was that you said? You didn’t know Fidel had his own personal hotel? Well of course he does! Fidel has his own personal island, Cuba, the largest in the Caribbean, where he owns not only the land, the structures, and the resources, but the people are his own personal property as well. And he does not own just one hotel, but a whole bunch of them all over the island. All his, free and clear, to do whatever he pleases with them.

But the hotel in Havana “Spider-Man” has chosen to scale holds special significance for Cuba’s dictator. This is the hotel formerly known as the Havana Hilton and is one of the first multi-million dollar heists carried out by the Castro crime family. With no regard for international law and without a penny in recompense, Fidel strolled into the lobby of the privately owned Havana Hilton in 1959 accompanied by armed rebel soldiers and proclaimed it his personal property. The rest, as they say, is history.

Back to “Spider-Man,” the poor French sap is too ignorant to understand the significance of his next act. He thinks he is scaling a symbol of Fidel Castro’s “revolution.” In reality, Alain Robert is scaling a symbol that personifies the criminality of the Western Hemisphere’s longest lasting and most murderous totalitarian dictatorship.

Via Fox News Latino:

Cuba’s ‘Havana Libre’ Hotel Tackled by Fench ‘Spider-man’

Havana –  The daredevil climber nicknamed “Spider-Man” is famous for scaling some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers without a safety line. Now Alain Robert has his sights set on a slightly less imposing edifice that nonetheless offers its own challenges — and plenty of symbolism.

The 50-year-old Frenchman is in Havana on a mission to conquer the 27-story former Hilton Hotel that was taken over after the 1959 Cuban Revolution and redubbed the “Habana Libre,” or “Free Havana.” Fidel Castro briefly set up his personal offices here after his triumphant march into the capital.

“This hotel has great meaning for me. It’s impressive not for its height, which is not great, but because it’s a building that symbolizes the Cuban Revolution,” Robert told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Friday.

“I consider this hotel to have been a challenge for Castro,” he added, “and I love the idea that now it’s my turn to attempt the challenge.”

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