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A lot of fun to be had on the social media during the power outage in a lopsided first half Super Bowl game. My Facebook friends made the power outage after the start of the second half (after the lame halftime show) very enjoyable. But here are a couple interesting notable status quotes:

Have a bad feeling my in-laws, who live in Louisiana, had something to do with this power outage. “Hey Clay…Shoot that transformer and see what happens!” – Jeff Foxworthy

Seems to me they could just park a few pickup trucks along the sidelines and fire up a few spotlights. They tried to get Beyonce to pop out for a few more songs — but there wasn’t enough electricity to fire up the karaoke machine. – Todd Starnes FOX News

Todd Starnes also said this about the halftime show:

The only thing missing from that halftime performance is a stripper pole.

Super Bowl power outage.. President O just convened a meeting with top advisors and decided it was Bush’s fault.. (J/K) – Eric Bolling FOX News

An interesting catch amid the blackout: “Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront”

Whoever was running the Oreo Facebook page was brilliant


Now my favorite ads…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a movie over the “G” rating and have not seen the 20 minutes of coming attraction (adult) movie trailers like this one “World War Z” … Brad Pitt??? In a zombie movie??? Looks good. Speaking of zombies, this was clever… DARYL!

But this one should piss off the libs…

As Todd Starnes observes and concludes:

“And God made a farmer…”

Friends, tonight’s Super Bowl commercials have painted a vivid picture of the cultural divide in our nation — sex & debauchery versus duty and honor.



5 thoughts on “My Super Bowl Picks

  1. I know she’s an Obama butt kisser (and I cannot stand that) but, at least Beyonce entertains the eyes, lol.

  2. That Dodge commercial was touching. I used to live in the city now living in a farming community. It really hits home.

  3. While looking at the half-time show I suddenly realized I could not name a single song by the butt kisser, I also saw why. Nonetheless, it was the best halftime show ever, a lavish PG-13 strip club form start to finish. In other words, a cabaret show – which in my book beats Bruce Springsteen’s shouts, Usher’s constipations, The Who’s live attempt at music outside 2 hits, and Nicky Mocrap’s crap.

    As for Dodge’s “And God made a farmer” commercial, oh indeed, it bothered them. Anything that embraces American, its traditions, foundations, and virtues bothers them. I have a very liberal, I mean failed, “friend” who lost his government job for being a drunk and now lives off tax payer money, which along with his Karl Marx and 1 percentor memes in Facebook decided to post the mentioned commercial and attack it with the race card (it’s easier). His complain was that it didn’t have any “Hispanic brothers”.

    They sure are race blind only when it doesn’t benefit them in the creation of division and resentment. Then and only then.

    Granted, the fag is a midwestern son of Germans. NONE of the actual “hispanic brothers” complained about any such racial obsessed thing. If these ungrateful domestic brats and good for nothing parasite minded individuals, which are plenty, keep growing the way they have since the 1960s they are going to ruin this country (along with their “brothers”), if they have not already.

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