Payá “accident” update: European survivors about to challenge Castrogonia ?

Angel Carromero

Carromero and Modig may soon shed their muzzles 

The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reports that Ángel Carromero is about to accuse the Castro regime of forcing his car off the road and of causing the deaths of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, both of whom – according to Carromero– survived the crash only to die under suspicious circumstances at the hospital to which they were taken. The newspaper El Confidencial also claims that –according to contacts it has within Carromero’s Popular Party – the accusation will be backed up with an affidavit from the other survivor of the crash, the young Swedish ex-politician Jens Aron Modig.

Modig has remained tight-lipped about the “accident” ever since he was released by the Castronoid authorities, out of fear for the safety of his traveling companion, Carromero, who had been imprisoned and charged with homicide.

Though leaders within the Popular Party and within the Spanish government have instructed Carromero to remain silent and to take no actions against the Castro regime, other members of the party have encouraged Carromero to speak out and are backing him up.

Carlos Payá, brother of the deceased Oswaldo, has been claiming since the day of the crash that he received text messages from those inside the ill-fated car, and that those messages spoke of another car that was ramming them and trying to force them off the road.

According to El Confidencial’s sources within the Popular Party in Madrid, Carromero is ready to take on the Castro regime because Oswaldo Payá was a citizen of both Cuba and Spain. Carromero believes this odd legal twist will be enough to set in motion an international investigation.

The fact that leaders of his own party and of the Spanish government have cut off all contact with Cuban dissidents and have also gone as far as to announce that Spain will no longer denounce human rights abuses in Castrogonia – all as part of the “ransom” paid for him – does not seem to faze Carromero, who, according to sources close to him, is intent on making waves and proving his innocence.

Where all this will lead, if it ever gets off the ground, is anyone’s guess. Without the ooficial support of his party, or of his government, or of the European Union, it is not highly likely that Carromero’s quixotic challenge will gain much traction, if any. In addition, one must ask: is there any authority powerful enough on earth to carry out a genuinely independent investigation in the Castro kingdom?

And one must also ask, even if one is not a hardened cynic concerning all things related to the Castro Kingdom: could anything said by Carromero and Modig be believed after Castrogonia launches a character assassination blitzkrieg against them? In a they-say-we-say news media tug of war, guess who is going to be believed by the “journalists”?

Entire report HERE, in Spanish.



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