Victor The Cat Says “You Can’t Fool Me!”

Victor Cornelius 2013

Many individuals are celebrating the recent changes that Dictator Raul Castro has implemented in Cuba — the lifting of the travel restrictions for ordinary Cubans being at the top of the list. My son’s Stephen’s cat, Victor, thinks otherwise.

Let’s not forget that many of these changes are escape valves that the Cuban authorities use to prevent a rebellion from taking place. With not much progress to brag about after 54 years of one-party rule and not much to come along in the future, the only solution to the discontent of many Cubans is to let them travel to other countries or, better still, to have them emigrate permanently. The Cuban officials are banking on the fact that only those Cubans who are unhappy with the living conditions in Cuba would want to travel to other shores. So, according to their line of reasoning, it is for the better that these discontents, these “gusanos,” leave the homeland permanently.

Let’s also not forget that the monthly salary of a Cuban employee is $25, while the price tag for a Cuban passport is $100. Let’s also not forget that it is the Cuban Government that issues these passports, and it is the Cuban Government that decides who to issue these passports to. So, while the Cuban authorities have granted a passport to blogger Yoani Sánchez, it has denied it to Rosa María Payá, the daughter of renowned Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá – who died mysteriously in a recent car accident in Cuba. The denial is no coincidence considering that a Spanish citizen, Angel Carromero, is preparing a lawsuit against the Cuban government alleging that another vehicle rammed his and caused the accident that killed Oswaldo. In other words, the Spaniard is alleging that the vehicle that caused the fatal accident and death of Oswaldo was driven by a Cuban Government official with orders to kill Oswaldo. He is alleging that the car incident that killed Oswaldo was no accident, but it was premeditated by the Cuban Government. Ergo, the Cuban officials think that it is most inconvenient to allow Oswaldo’s daughter to travel overseas.

And let’s not forget that Dictator Raul Castro said in a speech given on January 28, 2013, at the CELAC Summit in Santiago de Chile: “Mi jefe es Fidel Castro.” This admission indicates that whatever changes Raul makes are nothing more than smoke screens to give the illusion of progress to a failed government whose officials want to keep themselves in power ad infinitum, and that Raul is nothing more than a puppet. Fidel, with his delusional and failed policies, is still in charge. Nothing has changed in Cuba in 54 years!

To listen to Raul’s admission of who is “jefe,” scroll to the 24:20 spot at



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