Déjà vu in Caracastan


In 1961, it was the Soviets building rocket bases in Cuba. The Kennedy administration ignored reports from Cubans and did nothing. Then came October 1962.

Today it is the nuke-obsessed Iranians doing the same in Caracastan.

As George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Scary stuff, getting scarier with every day that passes. Imagine Hagel and Kerry handling this threat.

And, in addition to the story below: yesterday, German customs officials detained an Iranian who was carrying a Venezuelan check for 50 million Euros ($ 70 million) …


 Iran Building Rocket Bases in Venezuela

4th February 2013 – Jerusalem Post

BERLIN – The Iranian government is moving forward with the construction of rocket launch bases in Venezuela, the German daily Die Welt wrote in its Thursday edition.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is Teheran’s most important South American ally.

Iran is building intermediate- range missile launch pads on the Paraguaná Peninsula, and engineers from a construction firm – Khatam al-Anbia – owned by the Revolutionary Guards visited Paraguaná in February. Amir al-Hadschisadeh, the head of the Guard’s Air Force, participated in the visit, according to the report. Die Welt cited information from “Western security insiders.”

The rocket bases are to include measures to prevent air attacks on Venezuela as well as commando and control stations.

The Iranian military involvement in the project extends to bunker, barracks and watch tower construction. Twenty-meter deep rocket silos are planned. The cost of the Venezuelan military project is being paid for with Iranian oil revenue. The Iranians paid in cash for the preliminary phase of the project and, the total cost is expected to amount to “dozens of millions” of dollars, Die Welt wrote.

The Paraguaná Peninsula is on the coast of Venezuela and is roughly 120 kilometers from America’s main South American partner, Colombia.

According to Die Welt, the clandestine agreement between Venezuela and Iran would mean the Chavez government would fire rocket at Iran’s enemies should the Islamic Republic face military strikes.

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