Guess who’s coming to Yale?


Hint:  he represents everything beloved by so-called progressives, and his very presence reifies the extinction of the great Latrino nuisance, that is, of the traditional Cuban exile community.   Another hint: he loves the unicorn-riding Messiah.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ Two inaugural poets will be at Yale University for a talk and poetry reading.

Richard Blanco, who read his poem “One Today” at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration, will be at Yale on Tuesday for a public reading of his work. He’ll join in conversation with Elizabeth Alexander, the president’s first inaugural poet who is a professor and chair of the African American studies department at Yale.

The event, which is Blanco’s first public appearance since the inauguration on Jan. 21, will take place in the Ezra Stiles CollegeMaster’s House, 19 Tower Parkway, at 4 p.m. Seating is limited, but the event will also be live-streamed on the Yale YouTube channel



5 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to Yale?

  1. This Johnnie-come-lately to the exile community bitterly denounces the historic exiles in his rantings. Tremendo acomplejao’ por sus debilidades.

  2. That’s right antonio,

    The Obama administration is using him as a tool to divide the historical exile community by presenting him as the new face of Cuban-Americans.

    We know that Mr. Blanco doesn’t respect or represent the values and the sufferings of our elders that gave up so much so we could live free in America but, the rest of America doesn’t.

    I wonder if Professor Eire will attend that conference and give Mr. Blanco a piece of his mind in front of everyone.

  3. Unfortunately, I can’t go due to a prior unbreakable commitment. I just found out about this visit a couple of hours ago, by pure chance. Of course, no one invited me, or let me know about this visit well in advance. Around here, that is a sure-fire way of ensuring that certain people won’t show up, because we are all very busy and our schedules fill up very fast.

  4. We had a speaker here who heaped praise on the Argentinian Hebe de Bonafini. During question-and-answer, I asked the speaker what she thought about Hebe’s public statement in Havana on September 11, 2001, praising and cheering the terrorists who destroyed the twin towers. The speaker initially gave me a look of shock and anger and then tersely replied, “I was not aware of that.”

  5. Dr. Eire, it’s a Cubanoid thing; you wouldn’t understand. Nobody wants one of “those people” sullying the purity of such an exquisitely PC affair. The next logical step, of course, is an appearance at Harvard, just like Cardinal Ortega. One can hardly wait.

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