New Times: Miami’s Top 10 Cuban Restaurants

The Miami New Times has published their picks for Miami’s Top 10 Cuban Restaurants. Although I agree with many of their choices as being Top 10 caliber, I was disappointed to see Rio Cristal on Bird Road and 98th avenue was missing from their choices. Not to disparage any of their other winners, but in my book, Rio Cristal is definitely in the top 10.

Miami’s Top Ten Cuban Restaurants

Miami is a city of exceptional things. It’s where early morning coladas are delivered through a ventanita. It’s where birthday parties are incomplete without a platter of croquetas de jamon and empanadas de queso. It’s where drivers cut each other off by rolling down their car windows and signaling with their hands. Because then, and only then, do Miamians think it’s okay to creep up on somebody else’s lane.

In other cities, folks are repeating the old adage: Don’t discuss religion or politics. In Miami, it’s best to keep your thoughts about the best frita to yourself. And, if you ever feel like starting a heated argument over a game of dominos, just ask who serves the best moro in town. Or the creamiest batido de trigo.

We don’t mind squabbling over preferences for the best pan con bistec. What follows is our list of Miami’s top ten Cuban restaurants. (This list only includes restaurants. Joints serving only sandwiches, such as Papo Llega y Pon, El Mago de Las Fritas, and others, did not qualify.) If you take offense to our omissions — or dislike our inclusions — then let us know. We can always discuss it over a cafecito.

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10 thoughts on “New Times: Miami’s Top 10 Cuban Restaurants

  1. I read the list wondering if Enriqueta’s was going to make the list.

    It made it…right where it belongs to be.

    The problem with Rio Cristal is that outside the palomilla and fries (chased by their flan), there’s nothing else worth eating there.

    They may have left Versailles out of the list, but I still love the place. Cafe and politics…my kind of Cuban joint.

    Overall a good list.

  2. “Why in the world would you eat anything else but the palomilla con papitas fritas at Rio Cristal?”

    Unfortunately, other members of my party like to make up their own minds about what they eat.

    Heathens all.

    P.S. I know the best kept secret in Cuban food in South Florida.

    A little place called “A Touch of Cuba” on Hallandale Beach Blvd.

    Try the home made sopa de chicharo.

    Note: I had the name wrong…it’s “A Touch of Cuba”.

  3. I had dinner at Islas Canarias. Once. Maybe it was a bad night, or the regular cook was out sick, or I ordered their worst stuff. Be that as it may, I wasn’t just unimpressed, I was sorry I’d gone there. La Rosa is probably the best of the lot.

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