8 thoughts on “An epic rant

  1. One of only a few ‘true believers’ in our Constitution in the Senate. Can you imagine a “President Marco Rubio”, with a Rand Paul “Senate Majority Leader” – and how great this country could become again (within our lifetime).

  2. Run to the light!

    Run to the light!

    Welcome to the next level of intransigence Pitbull.

    asombra…the problem could also be that Paul makes a lot of sense, yet he is an outlier.

    What does that say about the mainstream politicians?

  3. Don’t get me going on these damm lightbulbs, not only are we sending our money to china for them as they are not made in the USA anymore, but these morons that foist this “green bulbs” idea on us are creating an environmental disaster of biblical proportions!! (Just had to use that phrase!) They need to be disposed off responsibly or we are dumping mercury on our landfills that will eventually seep in to the aquifer and oceans, then we can probably hire a chinese company ro remove the mercury further enriching them. Ever look in the “lighbulb recycling box” at your local home depot? Always empty, and…they enpty this into the regular trash dumpster 75% of the time so it’s of no use, but I’m sure some moron feels good about passing that law.

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