The Pure Brilliance of Dr. Benjamin Carson – UPDATED

A good friend suggested I look into the CSPAN video of the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast from this morning, and fast forward to the address from Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

In under a half hour this learned and accomplished man said more and made more solid sense than Obama has in his entire adult life building for himself a political career. Dr. Carson knows what this nation was built on. He knows how this nation is supposed to run. He knows how the people of this nation are supposed to be a part of it. And he makes no apologies or excuses for his bluntness that these key things are not being done and that is why we are failing. He even says political correctness is a major problem in this country. You cannot help but feel and know Dr. Carson’s words and parables were aimed at Obama and at the Washington D.C. elected class on both sides of the aisle. The man, in my friend’s words, is a national treasure. More people should hear from Dr. Benjamin Carson. Here is your chance…

Rush Limbaugh: “Sleepy Obama Sits Through Prayer Breakfast Where Dr. Benjamin Carson Blasts Obamacare”

Keith Koffler @ White House Dossier: “Obama Treated to a Full Plate of Conservative Thought”

Twitchy: “ICYMI: Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast”

UPDATE: Excerpts from the movie “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story”

You can view the entire movie here on YouTube.



6 thoughts on “The Pure Brilliance of Dr. Benjamin Carson – UPDATED

  1. Wow and wow and wow!
    One of two things happened – either Obama was too sleepy and had trouble staying awake
    or –
    And I hope this is what happened –
    Obama was having a fit for every word this guy was saying and had trouble containing his fury.
    Okay, Club for Growth and Tea Party, recruit this Carson to run for something right away. I sure hope he is a Republican.

  2. Dr. Carson is a very “gifted” individual who loves his country immensely. I enjoyed his speech thoroughly, as I have his books. I was very impressed with his comments about the bald eagle and lawyers. To him, it does not matter whether you are Republican or Democrat. To him, it matters whether you are American.

  3. Carson got where he is through merit and hard work, not because he can read well off a teleprompter or appears “cool” or assuages white guilt or has been “affirmed” regardless of competence. He didn’t get his position because cretinous voters gave it to him. He knows how and why he got his job, and he knows he’s up to it. I expect he also knows that Obama has precious little in common with him, even in principle, and exceptionally gifted and accomplished people cannot possibly respect poseurs, charlatans or empty suits. Ask Clint Eastwood.

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