Captain Nemo Blizzard 2


I wanted to post a photo of my elf and flamingo totems, but they are now totally buried.  The elves light up in the dark, and about two hours ago, only the tops of their heads were still visible.  I couldn’t get very close either.   So, there they are, looking like UFO’s, or distant galaxies.

Yeah.  It’s still snowing — about 2 inches per hour — and it will keep snowing till daybreak.  We had a burst of 5 inches per hour.   I can’t get an accurate measure of how much we actually have because the drifting is too intense.

Here’s my van.


I have never seen a snowstorm like this one.  The sound of the snowflakes beating against the house is louder than that of raindrops in a heavy downpour.  I went out with my son Bruno during one of the heavy bursts and it was actually painful.  The flakes were hitting us horizontally at 30 miles per hour.

The forecast calls for somewhere between 2 and 3 feet before it’s all over.   And, yeah, we’ve had thunder too.

This is heaven.  Here’s the view out of my front door.


Yeah.  Eat your heart out, Floridians, Californians, and Louisianans.   Here’s the driveway.  I gave up shoveling four hours ago.




3 thoughts on “Captain Nemo Blizzard 2

  1. I went thru the blizzard of 1982 in Westchester County, NY (on a weekend too, from Friday nite to Saturday morning).

    22 inches of snow when it was all said and done, been there, experienced that lol…

    Then, that same weekend Buffalo upstate NY) got 36 inches of snow…

    God, I love South FL (even with the hurricanes) lol…

  2. It’s currently a bright and sunny 53F in Tallahassee…there is a reason I live here and not further north, and you’re not shoveling it.

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