Captain Nemo Blizzard


Yeah.  This is it.  Nemo, the perfect storm.

It was supposed to change to rain here along the Connecticut coastline, at least for a while, but so far it’s been snowing steadily.  Just a couple of inches in the past three hours, but the real storm is forming out at sea and won’t hit us until this evening.

This is the life!  Exile with a real bonus.  Bring it on.   Hope it tops the blizzard of 1978.  Three feet won’t be enough to make this crazy Cuban happy.  Six feet, maybe….

My elf and flamingo totems will help me keep track of how much snow we’re getting.

Will keep you updated.




4 thoughts on “Captain Nemo Blizzard

  1. Until the power goes out. And you’re out of food. On the other hand, everything in your freezer can be set outside. You just need to keep the critters out of it, but they tend to be smart enough to hole up and ride it out.

    At least that way you can postpone the cannibalism until later.

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