So why is Yoani Sanchez traveling to Brazil? (Read on:)


President Raul Castro’s economic reforms “have whetted the appetite of Cubans” who now want more, opposition blogger Yoani Sanchez said in an interview with a Brazilian newspaper Thursday.

“I am not naive about the changes in Cuba, about the small economic adjustments which Castro introduced,” the prominent Cuban dissident, who recently received a passport allowing her to travel abroad, said from Havana.

“Cuba is ready to enter the 21st century,” Sanchez said, in the interview with the daily Folha de Sao Paulo.

She has just obtained a visa to visit Brazil, which will be her first stop on a foreign tour that will begin February 17.

During her stay in Brazil, the blogger will attend the opening of Brazilian filmmaker Dado Galvao’s 2009 documentary “Connection Cuba-Honduras,” in which she is interviewed.

And oh, BY THE WAY: this documentary equates Stalinist Cuban dictator Castro’s repression with the interim constitutional rule of Honduran President Roberto Micheletti:

Just so you know.

Your humble servant interviewing interim constitutional Honduran President Roberto Micheletti.

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin-Real.



16 thoughts on “So why is Yoani Sanchez traveling to Brazil? (Read on:)

  1. The regime allows er, uh “moderate” dissidents to travel abroad, you know, dissidents who won’t ask the castros to step down, but rather prefer to ask for changes. Those dissidents as is rigger always support a lifting of the embargo and engagement with the USA.

    What I always found interesting is how Yoanni slips in and out of hotels on a daily basis in order to use the Internet and write her blog. The regime that is not adverse at all to beat people to a pulp allows her to do that.

  2. My mother never doubted she had to get her kids out of Castrolandia before their minds and souls were poisoned. She never doubted that sending Elián González back there was a crime. She has no doubt that a mother who’s managed to get her young child out of that hellhole and then chooses to put him back in it (as Yoani did) is at least VERY dubious. If I have to pick between what the likes of HuffPo thinks of Yoani and what my mother thinks, it’s simply no contest.

  3. “Cuba is ready to enter the 21st century.” So everyone just be patient and give Castro, Inc. whatever time it needs to, you know, perfect the socialist model. But in the meantime, we really need the embargo lifted, ASAP.

    Oh, yeah, I’m buying this. Just like the Cuba “experts.”

  4. We all have lives. And keeping up with Cuba “expertise” can get tedious (especially around Mardi-Gras.) So good rule of thumb: “anyone constantly trumpeted by the Cuba “Experts” is suspicious…” y pal carajo!

  5. If anything I learned over the last few years regarding these “new Cubans” we encounter is that they may not longer be “Fidelistas” but they’re surely still Communistas in some way shape or form. And these characters get insulted when you remind them of this reality.

    Uncle Fidel brainwashing worked very well…

  6. This points to a much bigger and very serious problem in Cuba. People born into and/or raised in a pervasively pathological totalitarian system are highly likely to be adversely affected or contaminated by that, albeit to varying degrees. They may not realize it or they may deny it, but that does not alter the problem. Most people under 60 in Cuba are in that category, and that’s a lot of people.

  7. I was quite happy that she’d received a passport to exit Cuba… *sigh* now the honeymoon seems to have lasted as long as those marriages of canadian travelers getting hitched up in Cuba to a local slaves desperate to leave the hell.

    Completely fooled? probably.

  8. asombra,

    As you accurately stated, a great portion of the Cuban population is brainwashed/indoctrinated into Communism and the worst part is that they don’t admit it and get insulted when it is mentioned to them.

    The truth is that majority of the Cuban generations in the island today were born under Fidel Castro’s tyranny, cannot expect any less from them.

  9. Nobody likes to admit they’re defective or dysfunctional, and if you don’t admit you have a problem, it’s not gonna get fixed.

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