Chavez death watch update


Physicians tell the Chavez family that Hugo will not recover

ABC Spain reports that the medical team in charge of Hugo Chavez has formally given up on pretending that their patient stands a chance of recovering.

Up until now, the official stance taken by the doctors and the Venenozuelan government was somewhat rosy.  “Improvement” was the key word used in all news releases.  And Chavez’s eventual return to Caracastan was always taken for granted.

A mere four days ago, expert liar Fidel Castro was still playing that game, telling the world that his dear friend Hugo was improving and nearly ready to resume his dictatorship.  If you care to see this lie for yourself, go HERE.

Yesterday, in an awkward effort to thicken the smokescreen, the Chavistas-in-charge set up hundreds of special mailboxes throughout Venenozuela so children could mail get-well wishes to their ailing Bolivarian leader and flood him with “expressions of fervent love for their nation and the Bolivarian Revolution. ”  If you want more details on this pathetic mailbox project, go HERE.

Much like the Bolivarian Revolution itself — a colossal scam — the constantly-announced “recovery” turns out to be an illusion.

ABC also reports the following details:

(full story HERE).

1. Due to his pulmonary infection and his nearly constant intubation, Chavez has lost use of his voice.  Even worse, it seems that his vocal cords have been damaged beyond repair.

2. Chavez has been totally bedridden since his surgery two months ago and is extremely weak and emaciated.

3. Chavez is very depressed.

4. In addition to notifying the Chavez family, the physicians have also shared their dire prognosis with top officials of the Venenozuelan government and with the country’s supreme court.

5. It is highly likely that a formal announcement confirming the imminent death of Chavez will soon be made by his lackies in Caracastan.

6. As Chavez slips away with no chance of ever returning to Caracastan as anything other than a corpse, the Venezuelan constitution is being ignored and will probably continue to be ignored by the Chavistas who run the country.



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  1. “Chavez is very depressed”

    Yeah, well, so have been the victims of Castro, the Colombian guerrilla, and communism in general, you fraudulent, destructive, cheap, and arrogant buffoon.

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