Dr. Benjamin Carson Is In The House

Thankfully a fresh new voice is getting recognition in a swamp of one-sided opinion in this country. Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast the other morning has hit a nerve on both the right and the left, and they have even claimed he was out of line and his speech was inappropriate at a prayer breakfast, willfully ignoring the scathing previous anti Iraq war speeches made at these breakfasts directly aimed at the Bush administration during his years in office. The left is outraged this accomplished man, Dr. Carson, dared speak his mind in front of Obama. I even read a comment stating ‘the guy is all guts and no brains’.

Really? I responded. When was the last time Obama separated conjoined at the brain babies and had both survive when it was hoped at least one would? Please point out to me where Obama has risked anything of personal value to do anything on the level of what Dr. Carson has done. The man wouldn’t even give an order to try and save four American lives in Benghazi. That didn’t go over too well.

Anyhow, Dr. Carson was on Sean Hannity’s show last night and here is that interview…

The more Dr. Benjamin Carson is exposed to the American public look for the attacks on him to increase.

These are the people this nation now is desperate for to come forward and speak their minds and share their wisdom. There are far more Dr. Benjamin Carsons in this country than there are Barack Obamas. We need them to have the courage Dr. Carson has shown and stand up and speak up. He is generations closer to our Founding Fathers’ idea of leadership in this nation than most of those currently occupying seats of leadership within this country. Dr. Carson is scheduled to appear on FOX tomorrow morning. I am not certain, but I am beginning to think this man is removing his shoe and sock to perhaps stick a toe in the water of running for office … God willing.



7 thoughts on “Dr. Benjamin Carson Is In The House

  1. But of course he’s just an Uncle Tom, unlike those great credits to their race, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, among many comparable creatures, I mean figures.

  2. Unfortunately, striking a pose (especially a PC pose) is far easier than serious accomplishment, and since there’s plenty of incentive for the former as opposed to the latter, one winds up with LOTS of poseurs with LOTS of attitude and little if any substance. Poseurs, naturally, are bound to feel threatened by people like Carson, and they will surely attack him big time. Ask Bill Cosby.

  3. I think someone like Dr. Carson or Thomas Sowell has a special awareness of how much of an empty chair Obama is, and may feel a special kind of contempt for him, and possibly a special shame or embarrassment, which is different from what, say, Clint Eastwood would feel. I can relate to that in terms of how I feel about someone like Goldilocks García, for instance. I think a non-Cuban would not feel the same kind of revulsion.

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